Bayshore Ferry Marina

Long Island wedding photography

Bayshore Ferry Marina is located on the coast of Long Island’s South Shore.

Bay Shore is full of nautical charm and seaside prettiness.

The marina is one of the landing points for the ferries bound for Fire Island. It is one of the sweetest spots we know for a romantic wedding photos.

Picture yourself standing at the marina’s edge, the wood of the pier warmed by the sun beneath your feet.

In the distance, you can see the edge of Fire Island, with the impressive arch of the Robert Moses Causeway rising above the water.

The sea stretches out in front of you, its color constantly changing and shifting as it sparkles in the sunlight.

Above your heads, the sunny skies are an unbelievable shade of blue and seem to go on endlessly.

Whether you choose to come here for a private engagement photography session or to stroll the marina for your wedding photography, it’s a dreamy, playful spot that seems to bring out the fun in everyone who comes here.

This location embodies the beauty that is so unique to the shores of Long Island: picturesque, nautical, and a little bit out of the ordinary.

You’ll love your time here -- and you’ll love looking through your stunning wedding photos for years to come!

Bay Shore Marina is a great ocean view Long Island spot.


Bay Shore Ferry Marina

Bay Shore, NY 11706

Phone: 631.665.3600