Bellport Country Club

Long Island Wedding Photography

 Bellport C.C. is the sort of wedding venue that can look stunning in any weather.

We’ve been there when the sun is shining, when the snow is falling, and when the air is full of misty rain.

Each time, it has always been a beautiful, perfect backdrop to an amazing wedding.

Just look at our wedding photos for a proof.


The Bellport C.C  is just the sort of elegant venue that people picture when they think of Long Island weddings -- but because it is a small, owner-operated facility, it luckily comes at a fraction of the price of most big country club or ballroom venues.


The beautifully landscaped golf course is just outside the country club door, but the fantastic views don’t stop there. The Bellport property also has a picturesque rose garden, an elegant outdoor terrace, and a private beach along the sound. Depending on the size of your wedding, you can have your ceremony in any of one of those locations.


The indoor area can be used for both ceremonies and receptions, making the Bellport perfect for whatever style you have in mind. Wherever you say “I do,” we highly recommend a stroll along the beach with your new spouse, or a walk through the rose garden and along the golf course, to capture some truly stunning moments from your wedding.


Bellport Country Club

40 S. Country Rd.

Bellport, NY 11713

Phone: 631.286.4227