Little Italy NYC

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Little Italy NYC is tucked in between Lafayette Street and Bowery, Broome Street and Canal Street. It may not be large but it is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in New York City. It was once the home of New York’s Italian immigrant population. It's  still home to the amazing culture, tradition, and of course food of the home country.

Wandering along the cobblestone streets of Little Italy, you’ll be side by side with the historic brownstones and brick tenements that have defined this part of the city for over a century. The busy, narrow streets are pure Manhattan, hung over by dozens of signs and flags that are pure Little Italy. As you stroll here, you’ll still hear an occasional conversation in quick, impassioned Italian, while enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread and oven-roasted pizza from a dozen restaurants. And when you need a little break, we can always stop for a glass of red wine and a cannoli -- a perfect, classic moment in Little Italy.

Little Italy is more than just a few square blocks on the south end of Manhattan, though. It’s a cultural landmark, a place to connect with your family and heritage. If your family goes back here, you’ll truly feel like you are walking in their footsteps -- bringing your past together with the person who will share your future. It truly doesn’t get any more special than that!

Are you ready to capture beautiful memories in New York City’s Little Italy?

Little Italy


New York City, New York 10013