Long Beach

Long Island Wedding Photography

There are few places that feel more purely Long Island than Long Beach. If you are a beach loving local, there is no better place to take your engagement or wedding photos. From start to finish, you’ll feel perfectly at home right here.

Located just off the coast of Long Island’s South Shore, it is one of the prettiest waterfronts in the state. New Yorkers have been coming here since the 19th century to relax, people watch, and swim. In 1906 the Long Beach Boardwalk was built; soon everyday New Yorkers were rubbing shoulders with wealthy businessmen and Hollywood entertainers and the seaside resort that you know today was born.

The boardwalk is still a fantastic place to stroll hand in hand and snap a few casual waterfront photos. If you’re outgoing enough, you may find yourself with a little audience -- people watching is a classic pastime on Long Beach! If you want to escape the crowds, though, we can wander down the beach -- just you and your sweetheart, toes in the sand. The sea will stretch out in front of you, sparkling in the sunlight, while the sky reaches out to meet it, endlessly blue and beautiful -- the perfect backdrop to your most romantic moments.

Whether you choose to come here for a private engagement session or to stroll the marina for your wedding portraits, Long Beach is a beautiful, playful spot that brings out the fun in everyone who visits. We can’t wait to meet you here and see what happens!


Long Beach

Long Beach, New York 11561