Welcome to Lighthouse Photography!


Congratulations on your engagement -- we’re so excited to have the chance to work with you to capture beautiful memories from your special day!


We understand how important wedding photography is to you. After all, long after the cake is eaten and the flowers are thrown away, you’ll be looking at your wedding photos and remembering exactly how you felt the moment you said, “I do.”


That’s why we put together a little guide to help you talk with your photographer and ensure that you end up with wedding photos that are as special as the two of you are!


Create a Feeling


You are unlike anyone else, and your wedding will be unlike anyone else’s -- so your wedding photography should be just as unique! That’s why we recommend that you start your planning by thinking about the feelings and events you want your wedding photography to capture.


For example, when you imagine looking through your wedding photos in the coming years, do you want them to feel…


  • dreamy and romantic?

  • glamorous and chic?

  • cute and quirky?

  • like a magazine shoot?

  • like a family photo album?

  • traditional or candid?

  • posed or spontaneous?


There are so many options out there -- and you don’t have to pick just one! You may want some traditional posed photos with your family or wedding party, some candid, cute photos of the dancing and cake cutting, and a romantic, glamorous photo shoot just for you and your sweetheart. The possibilities are endless!


When you first meet with your photographer, be sure to spend some time talking about the feeling that you want your photos to evoke. This will help us understand what you want and how we can help you perfectly capture your wedding memories.


Avoid Too Much “Inspiration”


We are endlessly inspired by all the beautiful wedding photos out there, and we’re sure you are too! But it can be easy to forget that many of those photos are the result of hours of posing and tweaking on professional photo sets.


We’re guessing you don’t want to spend your wedding day standing in one pose while we take the same photo over and over in order to get one that is magazine-perfect. You want to spend it celebrating with the people you love.


We want the same thing -- and we want your photos to capture your special day as it happens in a natural, beautiful way. That’s why we don’t suggest trying to “recreate” specific photos for your own wedding album.


Find the Right Kind of Examples


Of course, we understand that you might want to show us specific images and examples when talking about your wedding photography! The best way to do that is to browse our online portfolio and select images that you love.


Remember, every photographer has a unique style and way of working. By looking in our portfolio for inspiration, you’ll know that we can create the style and mood that you love because we’ve already done it!


Most importantly, when looking for examples, don’t think, “I want to do this exact pose!” Instead, think about what you love about the photos. Is it the way we captured an intimate moment between the bride and groom? The fun group poses? The beautiful scenery in the background?


Let us know what you love, and we’ll be able to capture those same elements in a way that is as unique and beautiful as you are!


The Big Day


Wedding days are wonderful, but they are also busy from start to finish. You have enough to think about and keep track of without worrying about the photos.


That’s why our goal is for you to let go, relax, and enjoy your wedding day, confident that you can trust us to capture those beautiful memories forever.


Still feeling a little unsure?


One of the best ways to feel confident about your wedding photographer is to schedule an engagement shoot. That way, we can spend some time getting to know each other. You’ll be able to see if our photography style is a good fit for you, and we can learn about what you like in a low pressure environment!


Schedule your engagement session, or contact us with further questions today.


Congratulations again on your engagement -- we can’t wait to work with you!