Lighthouse Photography

Sayville Beach

If you’re a Long Island local about to take some of the most meaningful photos of your life, the best place to do that is somewhere scenic… but also casual and familiar. Somewhere that will make you feel right at home. Somewhere like Sayville Beach.

Located on the South Shore of Long Island, Sayville Beach is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. It’s a friendly, familiar place that with everything you could want for a relaxed, romantic day with your sweetheart. Here, you can kick your shoes off and get you toes in the sand as you wander down near the water. The view out in front of you will be spectacular, stretching out towards Fire Island with beautiful blue skies overhead.

If we head away from the popular areas, we’ll find ourselves near the rocky coast by the marina: a beautiful, wild-feeling spot that is perfect for a few secluded, romantic photos. And a short distance from the shore are beautiful parks, where winding paths take you under towering trees. A trip to Sayville Beach is the perfect way to start your wedding planning -- in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to come back here for photos on your wedding day!

Sayville Beach

Sayville, New York 11782