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If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the waterfront, we cannot recommend Chateau La Mer highly enough! Located in Lindenhurst, on the South Shore of Long Island and overlooking the Great South Bay.It is a delightfully pretty venue. It's perfect for any style of wedding.

On the outdoor Veranda and Waterside Patio, you get an amazing view over the Bay. It is a perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Later in the evening, we love taking sunset pictures there. With the sparkling waves turned shades of red and gold behind you and your wedding party. Right next to the Waterside Patio is the Chateau’s famous Bridal Pier. The bride and groom can surprise their guests with a dramatic entrance by yacht.

Inside, Chateau La Mer’s ballrooms are elegantly designed in a classic Long Island style. It has sweeping panoramic views out over the bay. The staff here to be endlessly friendly and helpful, willing to adapt to any size or style of wedding. From a formal black tie affair to a casual party with a touch of rustic fun, we’ve seen them do it all . We loved photographing every minute of it.

In addition to their exclusive features, the Chateau also provides all the amenities you expect of a high-end wedding venue. It offers valet parking, a gourmet menu, wheelchair accessible, and a personal coordinator who will help plan and run your wedding you enjoy the party.

It’s hard for us to pick a favorite element of weddings at Chateau La Mer. Luckily, the photos really do speak for themselves -- it’s a venue that is intimate, elegant, scenic, and downright picture-perfect!

Chateau La Mer is great for a Long Island wedding.

Chateau La Mer

845 South Wellwood Avenue

Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Phone: 631.225.0400