As a Long Island Wedding Photographer we know you want...

A perfect wedding, and a photographer who will capture every moment. But not just anyone will do. You want a photographer who will leave you with images as unique and beautiful as your wedding itself.

After all, your wedding is only happening once. That’s one day of memories you will hold onto for a lifetime. You want every detail to be preserved, perfectly.

You deserve...

A wedding day free from stress and worry.
You don’t want to spend your wedding day making phone calls, checking a schedule, wrangling friends and family, or wondering if you will remember every detail.
You deserve to relax and celebrate, knowing that each precious moment has been captured in photographs that you will want to look at every day
for the rest of your life.

You will love...

Working with the amazing team at Lighthouse Photography.

Our expert photographers are masters of their craft who know that every wedding is different and every couple is unique.
That’s why we will always work to understand the vision you have of your own perfect wedding day.
Whether you picture romantic whimsy, casual fun or elegant glamour, we will work with you from start to finish to ensure you have the wedding photos you have always dreamed of. When you’re putting together the perfect wedding there’s a lot to keep track of.  That’s why we strive to make your photography package as easy and worry-free as possible. From the moment you book, we will help you through the planning process, offering step-by-step guidance so you can feel confident in every decision you make in order to provide you with:

-Beautiful, professional images that capture every detail of your special day
-Expert photographers committed to understanding your unique vision
-Beautifully designed wedding albums and unique wedding films

Long Island Wedding Photographer covering Suffolk county, Nassau County and the surrounding areas.