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Wedding Photography Tips for 2019

Beach Weddings With Long Island Wedding Photographers

Long Island wedding photographers share their best tips for getting beautiful beach wedding photos.

What to Ask Your Wedding Photographers

Five important questions you should ask your wedding photographers before you sign a contract. If you look at the websites for most wedding photographers

Long Island Wedding Photographers Tips for a Vineyard Wedding

Things wedding photographers can't tell you

We all know there are many websites and wedding forums offering lists of questions you should ask your wedding photographer.

Long Island Wedding Photographers Love Shelter Island

Five charming places on Shelter Island where Long Island wedding photographers love to take wedding photos.

Here's Who Traditionally Pays for What in the Wedding Budget

Weddings run deep with tradition. From what to wear, what to eat or how to decorate - there's always an old-fashioned answer to any wedding question. While many traditions are fun to follow, others may seem outdated, or even antiquated to modern couples.

Tips from Long Island Wedding Photographers

Expert Long Island wedding photographers share their best photography tips for your special day. The internet is full of advice and how-tos for your big day.