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20 Common Wedding Photography Mistakes
1. Failing to fill out the questionnaire sent to you weeks before the Wedding Day

Speak to us before you finalize the timeline of your wedding day. There are a lot of things to think about regarding photography and natural light. Particular times of the day are better for photography than others (for example the midday sun projects hard, unappealing shadows on people’s faces while late afternoon sun casts a pleasant, attractive glow).

2. Ignoring the finalized schedule

Do your best to keep the timeline that you discuss with your photographer before your wedding. Arriving one hour late can compromise the quality of your pictures. Do not assume that it’s just takes 10 minutes :) If anything happens throughout the day that is out of our control (traffic jam, extreme weather conditions etc...) we will be able to adjust on the fly but it is always better to try to keep the planned schedule.

3. Allowing family members to interfere too much

In the photography industry, there is a name given to the guest who appears at the wedding carrying professional photography equipment and then proceeds to take unofficial wedding pictures. He is referred to as "Uncle Bob" :) He might think he is doing you a great favor by capturing additional images for the couple. Unfortunately, all he does is get in the away and cause the official photographers to miss their shots. Just inform "Uncle Bob" to leave his camera at home and enjoy the wedding like other guests.

4. Not clarifying how you wish to look in the pictures

Do you want elaborate posing where the photographer takes his time guiding you in detail or do you prefer to being captured being yourself, candid and unposed?
Do you prefer to be photographed in natural light, organic feel, airy and whimsical or do you envision your wedding portraits carefully lit, sharp and vibrant like the photos you would find in a fashion magazine filled with studio and controlled environment shots?

If you are not sure, we will be more than happy to go over these aspects at our meeting :)

5. Worrying to much about every single photo as the day unfolds

We will make sure the photos are captured properly throughout the day, we will require your attention and cooperation during the three posed sessions of the day.
We will get into a lot of details about what these three sessions are and we will offer you the best advice on how to get the best images while you're enjoying your day.

6. Not having a second photographer

At times couples find it too intrusive to have two photographers covering the wedding day. But look at it this way: a second photographer provides another unique perspective throughout the day that would otherwise not have been captured. Also, the second photographer starts usually with the Groom's preparations which is also very important.

7. Not sharing the timeline of the day with your important family members

Before the wedding day, it is great if you are sending the finalized timeline to the family members who are to be photographed during the formal family session.
Having a family member to help gathering the extended family members ensures that things keep moving along smoothly, quickly and pleasantly. Perhaps we can ask "Uncle Bob" :)

8. Being a perfectionist and not having fun

It is important to have fun. Whether this means having some cake on your face or a certain item did not go the way you wanted. Just go with the flow, enjoy yourself and keep on smiling. Bad weather? Can't control it. No worries. Embrace the situation and make the best out of it. Rain is romantic, snow is magical. Stuck in traffic? Don't sweat it. Can't control it neither sometimes. Stay safe and happy, you're getting married!

9. Not doing a "First Look"

Having a Bride and Groom ''first look'' or "the reveal" moment when there is no time for photos between the Ceremony and the Cocktail Hour is the best choice you can make. Rushing the Romantic photos of the Bride and Groom, the Family Portrait Session and the Bridal Party Session immediately when the Ceremony is over will have a strong impact on the quality of your wedding photos and video as well as you will be deprived from attending the Cocktail Hour. This is known as "the Groom's worst nightmare" - to be avoided at all costs :)

10. Not looking natural and relaxed

A great photographer provides guidance for a reason: to ensure the most beautiful moments and images of the day are captured. The most advisable thing to do is to remain at ease and look natural. Live in the moment. Look totally in love with another and the pictures will turn out great!

11. Delaying to book the photographer you like

If you find your perfect photographer, book immediately. Such photographers may need to be booked one year in advance or more and might not be available again. Nothing can be more discouraging than selecting a wedding photographer and then discovering that they booked out your wedding date a week before.

12. Listening to everyone can be overwhelming

From your friends to family members, coworkers and grandparents, everyone will overwhelm you with precious advice. Listen to everyone, keep the good advice and then go for what you really like. We will focus on understanding your wedding theme, feel and your vision.

13. Not telling the photographer about your preferences

If there are particular shots that you do not like, it is best to inform the photographer about it before the wedding. At Lighthouse Photography Dream Weddings we have methods in place to make sure we understand your vision.

14. Requesting for an excessive number of shots

Putting together a collection of hundreds of photographs found online from various weddings and asking your photographer to get those exact shots is nothing but a recipe for disaster. Book your photographer based on the work they do and you will be very happy. We are open to suggestions and requests and we are hoping that you book us because you are in love with our style.

15. Not booking a photographer from a studio that has a proven good reputation record

As they say, reputation is everything. If the studio you have in mind has a lot of very good reviews from real couples they covered in the best, it is a good indication you are on the right path.
Of course no one has a perfect score, but you will be able to make your own judgement. We are always trying our absolute best to provide you with top quality images you will cherish forever. As professionals, we will make sure your day will go smoothly and pleasantly.

16. Missing the engagement shooting session

An engagement session is highly recommended. It improves the confidence and relaxation levels of the couple in front of the camera. An engagement photo session will give the couple a chance to learn why the photographer may ask them to do something funny. This experience deepens the trust in the photographer and it helps getting the best results the day of the wedding. Equally important, the couple has pro photos for the Save-The-Dates and for keeping the friends and family connected on social media as the big day approaches.

17. Not booking a professional

Select a professional photographer, not just somebody with a website and a camera. They should possess the ability and experience to continuously record the precious moments of your wedding, regardless of any emerging situations. A professional will make the whole process seem to be easy but in reality, wedding photography can be very difficult in certain circumstances. It involves talent, experience, social skills and having the ability to overcome any potential obstacle that might prevent the couple from achieving the best possible wedding photos. A professional photographer has priceless support from equally talented and hard working album designers, photo editors, album publishers, wedding planners and other team members.

18. Being enticed by photography trends

A lot of times, couples are enticed by photography trends. It is essential that your wedding images endure the test of time and are treasured by the coming generations. While trends are interesting, they seldom last. Find a photographer who uses a timeless photography style and watch out for excessive, tasteless digital manipulations and cheap gimmicks.

19. Not allowing enough time for the posed photo sessions

There are three photo sessions you will normally have to have in order to cover the portraits you will love and cherish forever. Based on a few variables, we can tell you exactly how much time will you need for each and every of these sessions in order to enjoy the best possible results. We will discuss in detail about your custom schedule at the consultation.

20. Not booking a studio with certificate of insurance

Imagine booking someone you like and the venue is declining their access to the building because the Certificate Of Insurance wasn't sent ahead of time to the management. All the professional photographers should be able to send their Certificate of Insurance to the venues where they are expected to work for the client.