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9 Tips to Look Your Best in Wedding Pictures, Even If You're Not the Bride

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1) Try this celebrity pose

Hollywood can teach you a thing or two if you want to look lighter by 10 pounds when standing before a camera. Experiment with this timeless and flattering red carpet posture (and avoid feeling nerdy when practicing this before a mirror):

  • Stand with the hips swiveled away from the camera at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Place your weight on the back foot.
  • Extend the other leg and cross it frontward, with your foot pointing towards the camera. Twist the knee slightly so you avoid locking up or appearing stiff.
  • Go ahead and place your hand on the hip.
  • Remember to smile!

2) Like Tyra Banks says, make sure you smile with the eyes

The more serious, less smiley poses are in vogue, particularly for bridal-party photos. However, failing to grin does not imply that you wish to look annoyed either. During the wedding of Katie Sullivan from Columbia, Missouri last summer, her mother asked her to ensure that she was smiling with the eyes .She observes that this prevented her from showing a limp face or seeming like she was unhappy to be there.

3) Take it easy on the orange-colored makeup

A few cosmetic styles may in fact flop in terms of appearing more photogenic. Even though you may feel that you are more attractive when wearing a bronzed look, cameras can get a little crazy when picking up oranges and yellows. Though you actually just look sun-kissed, you may appear to have something close to a carrot hue in the pictures. This is particularly true if the other people in the picture do not have the same bronzed/sunshine/spray tan look.

Likewise, glitter and other luminous skin preparations may end up seeming like sweat instead of sparkle in the photos. Besides, they have a tendency of rubbing off on everybody you embrace, for example, a bridegroom donning a black tuxedo.

4) Relax those facial muscles

Wedding photos can take forever, and it can be agonizing to grin through each one of them, particularly if those impressive shoes that the bride forced you to wear are blistering your feet. Therefore when you feel your smile stiffening, your brow starting to furrow, and your eyes squinting, do not hesitate to press the reset button. Shut your eyes, allow your lips to return to the normal position and relax your facial muscles. Feel free to request your photographer to loudly countdown as your eyes are closed. On the count of three, open your eyes and switch on that winning smile since you know that soon it will be time to dance barefoot.

5) Keep the double chin away

Believe us when we say that double chins can haunt even the thinnest women in photos. To prevent it, stretch your neck by pushing your head forward a bit and raising your chin. According to Anna Lake from Corona del Mar in California, when your neck starts to crease, you have dropped your chin too far down

An extra tip: Let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth just behind the front teeth. But make sure you do not tense up so much.

6) Use the arms smartly to disguise the underarm jiggle

Most of the wedding dresses –for both the guests and the bride-are sleeveless. This may lead to the temptation to maintain your arms close to your torso or clasp them at the back to conceal your underarm jiggle. But this can in fact ,make your arms appear larger and your shoulders wider. Alternatively, try to lift your arms outwards to your sides-exactly far enough to allow your triceps and biceps some breathing space.

7) Do not underrate the benefits of laughing

Fake smiles are not charming, but this does not apply to fake laughs. The next time you wish to relax before being photographed, force yourself to laugh out aloud repeatedly. The sheer silliness of doing this will make you and those around to break out in real laughter. And that photo will be just amazing.

8) Do not struggle to avoid blinking

Do not lose your composure when you blink as the shutter of a digital camera snaps because it does not cost anything to shoot two or three extra frames. If you have a tendency to blink in photos, feel free to practice your timing. But avoid depending on keeping your eyes wider since it will only make them drier and more prone to closing. And if you wear glasses, consider removing them if there are bright lights around you or the photographer is using flash. It will eliminate glare.

9) Correct your posture

If you are feeling ill-at-ease, you may tend to withdraw into yourself. But slumping will not help you in any way, so try to correct your posture instead. Paige Brockmeyer from Evans, Georgia, remarks that pulling your shoulders backwards and pushing the chest forward while drawing the belly button towards your spine results in a better posture and a thinner appearance. Note that it is possible to relax and maintain a good posture at the same time. Therefore, remember to breathe in deeply for a number of times and let the tension flow out of your shoulders, neck and jaw.