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Murphy’s Law

winter wedding photosor, to put it plainly, if it can go wrong, it will.
This is the law that strikes fear into the heart of pretty much every wedding planner, bride-to-be or parent-of-the-bride.
Take, for example, the seating arrangements of the reception hall. Your heart-rate has probably sky-rocketed from reading that, and if it has, you might want to stop reading… Say you have 100 guests and 20 tables, so there’ll be 5 to a table. This would give a staggering 3,764,376 completely unique combinations per table.
As frightening as that seems, at least it means you have 3,764,375 chances of not having Aunt Edna sat next to that cousin who commented on her weight at the last family party…
Another potential worry is that of the entertainment cancelling because of a double-booking. Easy way to solve it? Borrow a sound-system form someone trustworthy, ideally recruit them to work it as well, and have a talent show, amateur night, karaoke or open-mic night as the entertainment. The embarrassed faces the next morning will make it totally worth it!
Bridesmaids pulling out at the last minute is a pretty difficult to work around. You could always ask one friend stand in, but that comes across as you preferring the other one over her. You could just have one in mind and ask her to be maid-of-honor if someone does pull out, but that idea may also raise some suspicions. Best thing is to have three or more bridesmaids, and if one does cancel, you still have two. Simple.
It can be a worry, the things that could go wrong on your big day, but remember, it’s the start of your life with the person you love, and nothing can change that. You’ll also have plenty of stories to tell for years if anything happens!