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Getting Imaginative with Wedding Portraits

Ideas for Photo Portraits are part of any wedding, of course, but certain pictures have the ability to dig into the imagination, creating an memorable image that rises above the norm.

Wedding photojournalists shooting portraits work within an extended set of guidelines, much like their counterparts in the news world: Any direction and arrangement is necessary to completely capture subjects in the sense of who they are and what they feel.

And each approaches portraits of marriages differently. Some photographers capture the traditional formals perfectly in half hour before or after the ceremony. So, when they get back to recording the fun moments of the day, they just leave it at that. Nevertheless, the more creative professionals, like most WPJA members, will take the idea of portrait and run along with it, taking the art form to new heights of imagination and effects. The results are portraits which also convey the complexity of the personalities of the subjects, and which can be articulate and full of energy.

Chateau Briand 32

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Chateau Briand Caterers 440 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514


The secret to capturing creative wedding portraits is gaining faith from your subjects and getting them to buy into your dream. When they're on board, suggestion of unorthodox portrait concepts is becoming increasingly easier. And often the bride, groom or bridal party member will come up with their own off - the-wall portraiting ideas.

As the couple will spend the most important day of their lives with you, the early establishment of this relationship will pay off in gold on the big day. You must pave the road with confidence, commitment and genuine concern for the needs of the couple if you want to be seen as the visionary you really are. Your customers can go with you to the stars, if they think you have their back.

Which means you have to be attuned to the things that matter to your couple most. And not even the obvious moment of "how we fell in love" Listen to their reasons for selecting the venue for the wedding; who does the readings; the music style for their ceremony etc. The more you become part of their "plot" of wedding, the simpler it is for them to see you in their joy as a vested partner. Note,' engagement' does not necessarily mean a ring and two people.

On the wedding day, of course, the connection can only grow stronger. A perfect way to put your clients at ease is to talk to them on an regular basis; reassuring them that you get some fantastic shots while showing them what a genuinely fun time you are having. Call everyone in the wedding party by name if you can, and even crack some jokes if you like. The further the barrier breaks down, the easier it is to get motivated and creative.

Chateau La Mer 13

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Chateau La Mer 845 S Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Gain in first. Then make painting. Try simple picture. And for some fun looks adjust the settings, lenses and angles.

Think beyond "wedding photography." Get inspired by ideas from other media and art styles. Be fun to the couple, but don't step out of bounds.

During reception schedule a 10-minute photo session, bride and groom only. Couples will feel more comfortable, and enjoy the time away from the crowd.

Commit. Chat with the pair, tease, laugh as a way to extract truthful emotions.

Don't try smiling too hard. Only have truthful conversations with the couple that will help you personally communicate.

Great fun! Fire spawns fire. The more excited you are to make these photos, the more likely your customers are to join in.

Do you try to be as creative as possible when you take wedding portraits or is this something that just happens?

All schools of thinking have students but the outcomes are all that matters. When it comes to fading daylight, there needs to be a certain amount of preparation, or if a particular structure involves some hands-on training. In the other side, shooting from the hip still has that spontaneous feeling in the moment.


As with the more rigorous side of wedding photojournalism, artistic portraiture requires the ability to predict and be in the right place at the right moment, an innate skill with more experience and the right chops.

We've all been involved in setting up a basic pose only to see it develop into something more special and beautiful as we glide around the subject, change equipment, and channel inspiration from an internal library of emotionally powerful imagery.

And it is this very capture of emotion that attracts consumers to your work. More than anything else, they remember this. And when the music dies at the end of the day, the lights turn off and the guests go home, all they'll have left are the emotional memories.

So if you don't have that in your life, it's time to get creative.