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As Long Island Wedding Photographers we’ve been honored to cover a lot of love stories on Long Island, New York City and the more. We look forward to capturing yours. We know that you want a perfect collection of wedding photos. Your wedding deserves a photographer who can connect with you, and truly understand the elements that represent your style and personality. We will document your wedding day through timeless images that you can cherish for years to come.

Why Lighthouse as your Long Island wedding photographer?

The company was founded in the early 2000s by Florio Tilinca and his wife Monica. Their passion for the visual arts and their dedication to high quality imagery has helped propel the company as one of the most reputable wedding photography studios on Long Island. Florio’s passion for upscale photography began in his childhood, where he was surrounded by gorgeous European architecture, art and literature. He was born in Bucharest and raised in Transylvania, Romania, where he met his wife Monica. Together, they started to passionately capture beauty and love at gorgeous venues. They established that Florio was to closely observe all of the companies wedding sessions. Meanwhile Monica was to focus on the post production process of the company. Learn more>>

Customer Reviews

My husband and I LOVE their wedding photography ! We booked with them a year and a half before our wedding. We have enjoyed working with the team ever since. Lighthouse Photography has always been prompt with responses and any thing else we need! They were so professional. They were so genuinely excited on our wedding . We have only seen teasers from our wedding pictures thus far, but they are absolutely beautiful. We KNOW we will be impressed with all of the pictures and the video. I would recommend them to my friends, my family, to every one!! They are the Best Long Island Wedding Photographers.

Kelly Anne, 5-31-2013 -

Absolutely love Lighthouse !!! Monica was always so fantastic to work with. Our main photographer was Joe. He made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and he made the shoot super fun. For our wedding we got to work with Joe again. This time Kevin joined as our second photographer. Needless to say we couldn't have picked a better team to capture our wedding photos - this is the best team on Long Island !!!

Maria 6-3-2017 -

Florio and his team were so incredible. He got everything we were looking for and we had so much fun on our wedding. Above all our wedding pictures are absolutely stunning. And I haven't been able to stop looking at them. So many of our friends have said they are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures they've ever seen. I would recommend them a million times over!

Shannon, 5-20-2017

We booked them 18 months before our August wedding. It has such a dream to work with them. From the first meeting, to our engagement to our wedding pictures, thank you cards, video, they made the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. Monica and I were in contact often. She is sweet, professional, punctual and a delight to work with! Florio has a vibrant personality and sense of humor. He made it easy during both, our engagement photos and on our wedding. They did a great job not only of capturing our wedding perfectly, but also keeping us on time. We were so happy with the way our pictures came out ! We made the best decision in booking the best wedding photographers for our wedding!

Christina, 8-21-2015 -

We booked this company after working with Florio in another wedding my husband and I were in. We were lucky enough to have Florio and Luis. They were both very professional, fast, perfectionists, and passionate. They made sure the shots and lighting were exquisite. Besides taking special requests all day long and capturing all the moments one would want on their wedding, they were a lot of fun to work with. Besides actually getting married the photographer is the most important part of the wedding as they will capture the moments you'll cherish for life and look back upon. They made sure to be efficient without rushing . We are looking forward to seeing the memories captured by these amazing artists !!!! - Rob and Lindsey Semprini

Lindsey, 9-26-2017 - The Knot

Absolutely adore Lighthouse Photography !! They came highly recommend by a few friends of ours. We were not dissapointed. We knew from the moment we met them that we wanted them for our wedding. Monica and Florio were so welcoming. We really vibed with them both. My January winter wedding was nothing short of magical and the lighthouse team played a huge part in that! And we are forever grateful ! The best wedding photographers.

Cherish, 2-12-2017 - The Knot

This is one of the best decisions we've made throughout the wedding planning process. From the start, Monica was a pleasure to work with to design the perfect photography and videography package for us. She stayed involved throughout the entire planning process. More than helping schedule our engagement shoot and coordinating the day-of schedule for our wedding, she was there thought the process. I cannot say enough wonderful thing about Florio. His expertise is obvious and his outgoing personality and enthusiasm were infectious. When we received our wedding photos less than two months after the wedding we were thrilled. They beautifully captured the best day of our lives. Thank you again for providing us with a means to relive the most magical day over and over again.

Danielle, 8-19-2016 - The Knot

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Ethnic Weddings

Our passion for arts translated over the years in the most amazing wedding photographs taken at ethnic weddings. And we had the honor to photograph Jewish, Hindu, Indian and Asian weddings with multiple worldwide influences. Our photographers and videographers are very experienced and amazing at capturing the traditions and the natural moments of your wedding regardless of your background. Please browse our Venues and Photo locations galleries to get a full feel for our approach as far as ethnic weddings. Feel free to ask us any questions. We want to understand your wedding photography vision above all.

News from our Long Island wedding photography blog

What is the Cost of a Long Island Wedding Photographers?

Couples in the United States spend between 10 % and 15% of their total budget to pay a wedding photographer. To an ordinary person, that is a lot of money some which could be used for something else. However, your wedding day cannot be complete without including a seasoned photographer to capture every moment that defines that historical day in your life. While 10% to 15 % of your entire wedding budget might sound reasonable, there are other ways you can devise in order to cut down the cost of photography to some reasonable amount. For you to achieve this feat, you need to ask yourself some questions regarding the general price ranges as well as the best cost-saving measures outlined in the subsequent paragraphs.


Your Second Wedding: Answers to Some Basic Questions

If you have tied the knot before, you may be asking yourself several questions. You might be wondering what you could perhaps do differently, what you can repeat or what you need to leave out completely. Here are eight common questions that people ask when they are making plans for a second wedding. Perhaps it is the first wedding for you and the second one for your partner or vice versa, or both of you have been married before. If one of you has gone down the aisle before, there are certainly some aspects that are not as straightforward as they were during the first time.


Running Lists That Every Bride Must Have

When planning for your wedding, your mind will be swamped by things like guest lists, to-do-lists, budgets, important dates and so on, making the whole experience less fun and exciting. Fortunately, you can use smartphones and digital records to ensure that you easily remain organized and updated and that you have access to everything you need to know throughout. This can help to preserve your sanity during this hectic period. Keep the following four running lists and make planning your wedding a bit more enjoyable.


How not to choose your Long Island wedding photographer

If you are preparing for your wedding, by now you have most likely heard this line once or a dozen times already: your photos are the only items that remain after the wedding cake has been cut, the flowers have wilted and the cute favors that you made have been stuffed into Aunt Betty’s purse. Obviously, it is very important to find the right photographer. It is also not an easy task. The US alone has 100,000 wedding photographers. From this number you are expected to identify one who will capture your big day just the way you imagine it. And people think getting a husband is difficult!?


What is the most ideal time of the day to shoot wedding photos?

When I talk to many couples, they often stress the importance of photography to their wedding day. Naturally, they expect great results when they hire a professional wedding photographer and invest considerable time and money on it. However, there is one thing that the wife and husband-to-be often overlook and yet it has the greatest effect on how the wedding photos will eventually appear -the time of day. Lighting is the primary reason for this .Having been a wedding photographer for about twenty years, I have only heard a few couples raise the issue of the best time to shoot their photos so as to maximize on the lighting. This is perhaps due to the fact that most couples that are arranging for a wedding are not photographers.



Apart from making merry, exchanging gifts and generally having a great time with friends and family, holiday time is also the time when many people pop the question. Even though it is advisable to unwind and enjoy the excitement of being engaged over the coming weeks, it is only a matter of time before you kick off the planning process, and taking engagement photos will play a big role in this. Engagement photos have numerous benefits. Besides being a fun activity, they give the couple an idea of how they would like their wedding photos to be done. In addition, the images are ideal way of telling the couple’s story and the photos can be framed or printed and then used to enhance the wedding decor.


Why Meet Your Wedding Photographer?

For any bride, the photography and videography are through the most critical elements during the big day. It is therefore crucial to select the right wedding photographers and videographers. A lot of brides decide on the photographer based on online information or by making comparisons of listed prices. However, when you do this, you may be overlooking the important step of first arranging for a consultation with the wedding photographer. We suggest that all brides ensure that they spare some time for consultations with all the vendors that they want to use for their big day.


Tips For Choosing Your Long Island Wedding Photographer

The internet is awash with advice on the best ways of finding a wedding photographer. While most of this advice is quite useful, it is targeted at people who are already conversant with photography. These are the individuals who can differentiate between great images and poor ones. But if you are a photography novice, there is not a lot of information that can help you out there. When we speak with potential wedding clients, they usually say the same thing. They do not want wedding photos like those of their parents. They are looking for natural recording of their big day done by somebody who lets things flow naturally without any posing or interruptions. Fortunately, most wedding photographers have already embraced this type of wedding photography.


Tips to Look Your Best in Wedding Photos

9 key points on how to look your best on your wedding day! Wedding photos can take forever, and it can be agonizing to grin through each one of them, particularly if those impressive shoes that the bride forced you to wear are blistering your feet. Therefore when you feel your smile stiffening, your brow starting to furrow, and your eyes squinting, do not hesitate to press the reset button. Shut your eyes, allow your lips to return to the normal position and relax your facial muscles. Feel free to request your photographer to loudly countdown as your eyes are closed. On the count of three, open your eyes and switch on that winning smile since you know that soon it will be time to dance barefoot.


20 Common Wedding Photography Mistakes

We put a list together of the most popular wedding photography mistakes for you to avoid. It will help you understand how to hire the perfect wedding photographers. Speak to us before you finalize the timeline of your wedding day. There are a lot of things to think about regarding photography and natural light. Particular times of the day are better for photography than others (for example the midday sun projects. Do your best to keep the timeline that you discuss with your photographer before your wedding. Arriving one hour late can compromise the quality of your pictures. Do not assume that it’s just takes 10 minutes If anything happens throughout the day that is out of our control (traffic jam, extreme weather conditions etc…) we will be able to adjust on the fly but it is always better to try to keep the planned schedule.


Why a Wedding Photographer Might Seem a Bit Expensive

The important role played by your wedding photographer on your big day cannot be overstated. They record every aspect and precious moment in a creative way. But it costs quite a bit of money to hire a professional photographer. As a matter of fact, wedding couples, on average, pay out about $2,500 for their wedding photography bill.While it may seem costly, that price includes much more than just taking photos.

Actual photography work

Needless to say, you are paying the wedding photographer to shoot your wedding photos. And because wedding photography packages differ from one professional to another, it is crucial to study your wedding photographer contract keenly to know what it includes, especially the number of hours that the photographer will work during your wedding. Remember, the photographer will also incur travel expenses such as parking and gas so that he or she can safely make on time to your big event.


Why hire a professional Long Island wedding photographer

As you plan your dream wedding and add up the various costs involved, it is reasonable to consider implementing some cost-cutting measures.But in regards to capturing your big day on camera, here are five reasons why you should never penny-pinch on your wedding photography by requesting your friend or family member with that fancy camera to help you out. Wedding photography is about telling a story. It is for this reason especially, why you should hire a professional wedding photographer.


Things wedding photographers can't tell you

Brookville wedding photographer

We all know there are many websites and wedding forums offering lists of questions you should ask the wedding photographer. Let's be honest, those questions are boring just as much as the answers.

Here are questions you should ask yourself before booking your wedding photographer:

1. Do I really like their work? If I do what is it they I like about it. From the blurred backgrounds, airy and dreamy photos to those images that have a message within. We can explain.


Long Island Wedding Photographers Tips for a Vineyard Wedding

Wedding photographers share their best advice for getting photos you love at your vineyard wedding. Planning a vineyard wedding on the North Fork? Congratulations! This spot is home to some of the prettiest Long Island vineyards, and it’s a favorite destination for Long Island wedding photographers searching for beautiful places to take photos.

You’re going to love having your dream wedding here, and you’ll be thrilled with the beautiful images your photographers capture! But if you want to get the best possible photos from your vineyard wedding, keep these five tips in mind.


What to Ask The Wedding Photographer

Five important questions you should ask the wedding photographers before you sign a contract.
If you look at the websites for most wedding photographers, you’ll usually find a sample contract or an FAQ page that answers common questions.
But don’t be afraid to ask your own! Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision, both financially and emotionally. And part of choosing the right photographer is finding someone who you can communicate easily with.
What to ask the wedding photographer
When you’re choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to understand how they work.

Beach Weddings With Long Island Wedding Photographers


Long Island wedding photographers share their best tips for getting beautiful beach wedding photos.

There are so many beautiful places to have a Long Island wedding. But as local wedding photographers, one of our favorite is a Long Island beach wedding!

Long Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. And depending on the one you choose, your beach wedding can be casual or formal, old-fashioned or modern, an intimate event or a giant celebration.

And one of the best parts of beach wedding? Once the vows are done, and before the party begins, you’re standing right in front of one of the best photo backdrops around


Tips from Long Island Wedding Photographers

Expert Long Island wedding photographers share their best photography tips for your special day.

The internet is full of advice and how-tos for your big day. But when it comes to getting the best wedding photography possible, the expert you should turn to is, of course, your wedding photographer!

That’s why we’ve pulled together our best tips for getting the wedding photography of your dreams, learned on the job as expert Long Island wedding photographers.

1. Plan out your photo locations.

Before the big day arrives, create a list of the locations where you want to take photos, as well as what groups will need to be at each location. Divide your photos into “must” and “maybe” lists to account for the fact that you might run out of time, and tell your photographer which is which.


Wedding timelines on Long Island weddings.

Chateau at Coindre HallYou booked you date and you know exactly where the wedding will take place and when.

You got the date and place. It's now time to book your wedding photographer and videographer, your band/DJ, flower, dres, hair and make up and so much more.

Shopping around and meeting all these vendors raises additional questions.When does the hair needs to be done, when does the make up needs to be


How to search for a wedding photographer during Covid 19 pandemic

Since the beginning of 2020 the entire country was in a lock down or limited in person services or appointments.

You probably got engaged before or during the Covid 19 pandemic.

You booked a venue and it's now time to look for a wedding photographer.

It is very difficult to make a decision on wedding photographers just by on-line research.

While there is so much great information on, the and other websites, wedding photography READ MORE

Favorite Long Island wedding venues:

Bourne Manison

If you pictured your wedding photography to be dramatic and elegant, we highly recommend the gorgeous Bourne Mansion.

This piece of property is tucked back off of Montauk Highway in Oakdale, New York.

It has played host to some of the most stunning weddings we’ve had the chance to photograph.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, the Bourne Mansion has seen over a century of glamorous weddings.

In fact, Consuelo Vanderbilt, the daughter of railroad baron William Vanderbilt, married the 9th Duke of Marlborough on this very spot in 1895.

It was considered the event of the year.

We can guaranteed that in this dreamy location, your wedding will be remembered just as a perfectly.

The mansion welcomes you and your guests with a facade of sweeping pillars, dramatic fountain drive, and a grand staircase. Inside, the beautiful Art Nouveau ballroom can hold over 400 guests. It comes equipped with everything you need to plan the wedding of your dreams.

The Bourne Mansion team will take care of decorations, gourmet catering, and valet parking while you focus on enjoying your wedding. To make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible, they accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs with their menu, including kosher, and the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Outside, it is surrounded by beautifully manicured grounds and a waterfront view that are great for wedding photography or staging a romantic first look. We can’t pick a favorite photo spot here, the tree-lined walks or the circular drive to the wide green lawns, literally every part of the Bourne Mansion is wedding photography perfection!

It is every wedding photographer's dream location.

Bourne Mansion

500 Montauk Highway

St. John's Gate # 2

Oakdale, New York 11769

Phone: 631.277.7800




Bridgeview Yacht Club wedding photographer

Bridgeview Yacht Club 34

Bridgeview Yacht Club is one of the most picturesque venues for a wedding pictures on Long Island.

It’s elegant setting is the perfect place for any wedding, whether black tie and formal or intimate and relaxed.

Online reviewers love the Bridgeview as well. Couples rave about the stunning setting and the ease of working with the Bridgeview team.

The venue offers scenic views out over the water from their private decks and piers. We love using their exclusive stretch of waterfront as a spot for taking the most amazing wedding portraits. That could mean having an intimate first look on a pier away from everyone, or taking portraits along the marina with your whole wedding party, or getting the perfect shot as the sun sets over the water.

Inside, the space is just as elegant. The Nantucket-style cocktail room welcomes guests as they arrive before opening up into a majestic ballroom. This area can seat up to 400 guests and comes with an entire wall of windows looking out over the water.

Or, if you prefer, the Bridgeview staff can provide a tented area for a reception outside.

Best of all, the Bridgeview provides just about every service you need to plan your wedding. Their offerings include valet parking, a full liquor license, and gourmet catering, though if you prefer, you can hire an outside caterer instead. The space is wheelchair accessible and moderately priced for the area.

Bridgeview is a truly wonderful wedding venue, and we have loved every event we have photographed there. Between a scenic setting and exceptional service, we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Bridgeview is a fantastic Long Island venue

Bridgeview Yacht Club

80 Waterfront Blvd.

Island Park, NY 11558

Phone: 516.432.2400






Chateau Briand

Chateau Briand 27

At first, downtown Carle Place may seem like an odd place for a wedding venue.

But once you see the elegant Chateau Briand, you’ll be just as enchanted as we were the first time we were there.

Thoroughly modern on the outside, the inside is an Art Deco dream.

With sweeping staircases, mirror-covered walls, curtains that tumble across multiple stories, and geometric metalwork providing the finishing touch.

The Chateau contains multiple ballrooms to fit any size or style of party, including the Leonardo da Vinci, Saturnalia, and Normandy banquet halls.

For those who like the be under the stars, there is an outdoor garden terrace perfect for walking down the aisle or for an intimate wedding reception.

At Chateau Briand, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into the early 20th century with all the luxury and comfort of a modern wedding venue.

Their amenities include everything you need to plan a high end wedding. Valet parking, a private bridal room and photo studio, and five-star, gourmet catering.

They can even provide accommodations for your guests, which means the fantastic parties there last long into the night.

The combination of modern and vintage may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we personally love the contrast it provides.

It's glamour adds to the photographs! No matter where you wander in Chateau Briand, you’ll have a beautiful backdrop for every portrait or candid moment.

We love to look at the wedding portraits we’ve taken at the Chateau over and over again. We are positive you’ll feel exactly the same about your own wedding photography if you get married here!

Chateau Briand

440 Old Country Rd

Carle Place, NY 11514









Chateau La Mer

Chateau La Mer 1

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the waterfront, we cannot recommend Chateau La Mer highly enough! Located in Lindenhurst, on the South Shore of Long Island and overlooking the Great South Bay.It is a delightfully pretty venue. It's ideal for any style of wedding.

On the outdoor Veranda and Waterside Patio, you get an amazing view over the Bay. It is a wonderful backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Later in the evening, we love taking sunset pictures there. With the sparkling waves turned shades of red and gold behind you and your wedding party. Right next to the Waterside Patio is the Chateau’s famous Bridal Pier. The bride and groom can surprise their guests with a dramatic entrance by yacht.

Inside, Chateau La Mer’s ballrooms are elegantly designed in a classic Long Island style. It has sweeping panoramic views out over the bay. The staff here to be endlessly friendly and helpful, willing to adapt to any size or style of wedding. It is fitting for formal black tie affair or a casual party with a touch of rustic fun . We loved photographing every minute of it.

In addition to their exclusive features, the Chateau also provides the amenities you expect of a high-end wedding venue. It offers valet parking, a gourmet menu, wheelchair accessible, and a personal coordinator who will help plan and run your wedding you enjoy the party.

It’s hard for us to pick a favorite element of weddings at Chateau La Mer. Luckily, the pictures really do speak for themselves -- it’s a venue that is intimate, elegant, scenic, and downright picture-perfect!

Chateau La Mer

845 South Wellwood Avenue

Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Phone: 631.225.0400




Coindre Hall

Chateau at Coindre Hall 9

Coindre Hall is a beautiful venue. Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a castle? What if we told you it was possible without leaving Long Island?

The Chateau at Coindre Hall is exactly that, a fairy tale dream of a castle, nestled just a few miles from Huntington Bay. It’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1989. Coindre Hall has been the site of some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever seen.

The excellent staff at Coindre Hall helps to custom-plan each wedding, starting with table arrangements to floral design and menu. They only schedule one wedding at the time. You know that you will have the full attention of the staff the entire time you are there.

If you’re in the mood for waterfront wedding pictures, you’re in luck. A beautiful stroll through the chateau’s grounds will take you right to the bay, with the sandy beaches of Gold Star Beach Park right next door. There’s even a charming little pier that we can walk along to capture a few gorgeous photographs of you and your sweetheart with the water sparkling in the background.

Inside is just as stunning. The stately pillars and flagstone walkways provide the right setting for your ceremony, and cocktail hour, while the beautifully renovated ballrooms provide space for up to 200 guests. We love to sneak the bride and groom away for a little wedding shoot upstairs, where the curving staircase and towering ceilings provide the perfect backdrop for glamorous portraits! The Chateau at Coindre Hall will make you feel like royalty on your wedding.

Coindre Hall

101 Browns Road

Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: 631.751.0339






Crescent Beach Club

The Crescent Beach Club 2

is great if you can picture yourself getting married with sunlight sparkling on the water behind you and waves crashing in the background.

This oceanfront venue is nestled on the tip of the Bayville peninsula, making it feel like a dreamy destination wedding in your own back yard.

It’s an amazing place for a toes-in-the-sand wedding that still has a touch of tradition and elegance.

You can use the private beach, both for the wedding ceremony and for an outdoor reception under their private tent.

If you want to move the reception inside, you’ll find an elegantly designed, beautifully decorated banquet room.

The space can accommodate up to 400 guests, and the helpful staff will be with you for every stage of planning.

Crescent Beach has all the amenities you need to pull your wedding off without a hitch.

Gourmet, customized catering (kosher menu available), a professional wedding consultant, valet parking

… and of course breathtaking views of the water!

Once your guests are settled, we suggest a sunset walk along the beach to capture a few beautiful wedding pictures you and your sweetheart.

Inside a sweeping staircase and soaring ceilings provide the sort of backdrop you expect to see in a Vogue wedding photo shoot.

You’ll make so many beautiful memories at the Crescent Beach and we can’t wait to help you capture them!

We love shooting at Crescent Beach Club.

Crescent Beach

333 Bayville Ave

Bayville NY 11709







Crest Hollow

Crest Hollow Country Club 2

is exactly the sort of elegant, classic wedding venue that you picture when you think of a Long Island wedding.

It is located just off of Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury.

Crest Hollow is in the heart of Long island wedding venues.

It accommodated from intimate outdoor ceremonies to formal soirees for 400 guests.

They have the space and the style to help you design the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

We love working with the staff at Crest Hollow.

Friendly and easy to communicate with, they’re incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Their onsite wedding consultant will help you with planning everything, floral centerpieces, the gourmet menu to the entertainment for your wedding reception.

The sweeping ceilings of the ballroom and the elegant poolside cabanas, they make sure every spot is customized and ready for your wedding.

We’ve seen weddings at Crest Hollow at the height of summer and in the middle of autumn, and no matter the season, it’s always a gorgeous place to be married.

Crest Hollow offers a custom New Year’s Eve wedding package, complete with a midnight balloon drop and champagne toast.

There are dozens of perfect places to take your wedding portraits here.

The flagstone terrace, the stunning banquet hall, the carefully landscaped grounds -- even a waterfall fountain!

The full pool is dramatically lit at night and surrounded by firepits.

It's providing a glamorous spot for you to take a moonlit stroll or for guests to mingle and dance.

Every inch of the Crest Hollow is stunning.

Crest Hollow Country Club

8325 Jericho Turnpike

Woodbury, NY 11797

Phone: 516.284.1550





East Wind

is a breathtaking spot for your wedding.

This venue offers three spots to choose from to create your dream wedding.

If you’re planning an intimate gathering, you’ll love the Cottage, a charming little gem that is an ideal place to host your closest friends and family. It is surrounded by gorgeous gardens that are a perfect setting for all your wedding photography session. Completed with a splashing fountain and a rustic gazebo it makes for the perfect spot where you can exchange your vows. Inside accommodates up to 100 guests.

For something a little larger, take a look at the Estate. It's a luxurious manor featuring grand ceilings, skylights, a fireplace, and glittering chandeliers. Here you’ll be surrounded by elegance while you are showered with the personal attention of the staff. We think the sweeping staircase is the perfect place for an intimate first look, and the stylish architecture makes a stunning backdrop for all your wedding pictures.

Finally, there’s the Inn, a classic Long Island wedding venue. With a gorgeous veranda and four different majestic ballrooms, the Inn is perfect for weddings of any size, intimate gatherings of just a few family members to black tie galas of up to 400 guests.

Regardless of which location you choose, you’ll have an amazing experience. The staff at East Wind is ready to customize everything for you, from the menu to the flowers to the lighting. The results could not be more spectacular.

East Wind Wedding photography

5720 Route 25A

Wading River, NY 11792

Phone: 631.929.3500



Flowerfield Celebrations

is a private estate on the North Shore of Long Island.

It is the wonderful spot for the glamorous wedding you’ve always dreamed of having.

The stunning grounds feature manicured lawns, acres of flowers, fruit orchards, and a sweeping drive, leading you and your guests towards a perfect wedding.

The staff at Flowerfield are about as creative and accommodating as it is possible to be.

They’re there to help you achieve your wedding vision. Starting with finding the perfect spot on their extensive grounds for you to say “I do.”

They offer all the amenities you expect of a high-end wedding venue, including gourmet catering and custom designed decor.

It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite wedding photo spot on this majestic estate.

It might be Ceremony site, hidden on their private lake and perfect for both an intimate, outdoor ceremony or for portraits on the wood terrace bridge.

Or it might be the endless gardens.

Perhaps the Atrium, a terraced greenhouse full of tropical plants where you can wander with your wedding party or host your entire event.

It might be the Grand Ballroom, a dramatic, 6,000 square foot banquet space.

Plus two cocktail balls and a mahogany dance floor.

Or it could simply the be the entire place: acres of landscaped grounds that are beautiful no matter what time of year or season it is.

Flowerfield Celebrations

199 Mills Pond Road

St. James, NY 11780

Phone: 631.862.0100



Fox Hollow Catering

is a vintage glamour setting for a modern wedding setting.

This gem of a venue is made up of eight acres on Long Island’s Gold Coast.

Walking onto the Fox Hollow property is like stepping into your own private estate.

It is a lush paradise landscaped with flower gardens, waterfalls, and winding paths that you’ll want to wander along for hours.

Fox Hollow is more than just a perfect setting, though. They also provide their couples with amazing catering, a private bridal suite and salon.

It also offers luxury accommodations for you and your guests.

We have a hard time picking our favorite part of Fox Hollow because it’s all so amazing. The whitewashed, old fashioned gazebo is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding ceremony, and we’ve captured so many lovely wedding pictures right there. The gardens are amazing in any weather -- we’ve seen them covered in drifts of snow or blooming with flowers, and no matter what, they’re the perfect setting for your wedding.

And then of course, there’s the Somerley: a private banquet hall for up to 350 guests filled with touches of vintage style, from the enormous fireplace to the Art Deco chandeliers. The vaulted glass ceilings open your reception to sunlight and moonlight. In this spot, you can spend your wedding night literally dancing under the stars. It really doesn’t get any dreamier than that!

Fox Hollow

7725 Jericho Turnpike

Woodbury, NY 11797

Phone: 516.921.1415




is one of the most popular wedding venues on Long Island. The rolling greens stretch out endlessly behind the beautiful manor, creating an ideal backdrop for your your dream wedding photos.

Inside, Giorgio’s is a classic, elegant venue. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the grand entrance hall with two story ceilings and a beautiful sweeping staircase. The ballroom, which can host up to 400 guests, has beautiful views of the grounds, and once the sun goes down is lit by rows of sparkling chandeliers.

The service at Giorgio’s is unbeatable; we have loved every time we’ve worked with the amazing staff there. Giorgio's staff will help you craft the wedding of your dreams. Custom floral design, gourmet menu that accommodates any dietary restrictions, mood lighting in the banquet hall, and of course a personal wedding consultant to make sure every detail goes off without a hitch.

The gem of Giorgio’s, though, really is their amazing outdoor wedding ceremony space. This stunning outdoor terrace is set around an aisle of white pillars and flanked by stone bridges. At the front, a classic white gazebo is the perfect place to say “I do.” Afterwards, if you want to get your toes in the sand, the waterfront is just a short stroll away. It’s the best place for a wedding session with your family and wedding party, or even a first look before the ceremony! No matter the season, Giorgio's is one of the most beautiful venue to have an outdoor wedding on Long Island.

Giorgio's is your Long Island venue.


100 Fox Hill Drive

Baiting Hollow, NY 11933

Phone: 631.727.6076





Glen Cove Mansion

If you’ve always dreamed of a glamorous wedding, you’ll love the Glen Cove Mansion. Glen Cove Mansion staff will help you create an entire weekend for you. Staring with the moment the valet takes your car and the lobby hostess greets you as you step through the front door, you’ll be surrounded by luxury and comfort.

The Mansion is full of high-end amenities: exquisite grounds, parlor maids, custom linens and a gourmet team of chefs are the perfect compliment to the amazing building. The majestic ballroom can accommodate up to 220 guests for an indoor reception - or, for a really glamorous event, they can host over 1000 guests in their outdoor space! It’s truly a place like no other.

At Glen Cove, they don’t just fully customize your gourmet menu. They also create a specialty wine and champagne list, dessert selection, and beautiful wedding cake. And then, of course, there are the perfectly designed decorations and floral arrangements. No matter what style you envision for your wedding, the staff at Glen Cove can make it happen with style and ease. And not to mention they’re incredibly fun to work with!

For pictures that are worthy of a high-fashion magazine, the Glen Cove Mansion really has to equal.The grand entrance way flanked by columns to winding brick walkways to the chandelier-lit ballroom, every inch of the grounds and mansion are picture-perfect. You love every moment you spend at Glen Cove -- and we’ll be there to immortalize each one.

Glen Cove Mansion

200 Dosoris Lane

Glen Cove, NY 11542

Phone: 516.671.6400



Hallockville Museum Farm

is great if you prefer a style that is more rustic than high-fashion, if you swoon for historic charm more than modern glamour. With over 500 acres and 250 years of history, the museum farm is a location for a wedding unlike any other.

Tucked into the wine country of Long Island’s North Fork, Hallockville is listed on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks. It is an official Riverhead Town Landmark. Full of rolling hills and scenic farmland, it’s a wonderful wedding spot for the couple that wants to arrange everything themselves. You can choose your own caterer, bring your preferred flowers. Also you can decide whether you want to be under the stars or under a tent. It’s just right for a DIY bride and an intimate, personalized wedding.

The grounds are ideal for an outdoor wedding and reception. You can also gather inside for a rustic reception in the Nargles Barn. Built in 1937, the barn can accommodate up to 150 people and is a historic charmer of a building. If you think of your wedding and picture real wood walls, piles of wildflowers, a live band, and strings of twinkle lights, then the Nargles Barn is the place for you.

When we first discovered Hallockville, we couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful grounds and sweet buildings. The fields and sky stretch towards each other endlessly. Everywhere you turn there’s a piece of history to stumble on. It’s the sort of setting that is a photographer’s dream.. which makes it perfectly dreamy for a wedding too!

Hallockville Museum Farm

6038 Sound Avenue

Riverhead, New York 11901

Phone: 631.298.5292



Heritage Club

lives up to its name. It has rolling stretches of Bethpage parkland, tree-lined drives, and of course the world-famous Bethpage Black golf course. It’s dramatic, elegant, and scenic all at once: the best combination for any wedding.

Heritage Club offers indoor and outdoor locations for both your wedding ceremony and reception. The outdoor terrace is great for an intimate wedding, while the stunning Grand Conservatory Ballroom feels like a step back in time to the glamour of the Jazz Age and is able to accommodate more than 400 people at a time. It is highly rated online, with rave reviews about the stunning grounds and helpful staff.

Heritage Club offers dozens of high-end amenities, including valet parking and custom decor plans. They employ a world-class chef who will put together a menu just for your occasion, including accommodating dietary restrictions such as allergies or kosher eating.

Inside, the Palladian windows of the ballroom provide an elegant backdrop to the entire evening, preserved forever in your wedding photos.

Heritage Club is a fantastic venue for Long Island weddings.

Heritage Club

99 Quaker Meeting House Road

Farmingdale, New York 11735

Phone: 516.501.9700







Insignia Smithtown

Insignia Smithtown is a great wedding venue if your wedding has to includes great wine, delicious food, and a stylish gathering. It is a five star restaurant is the perfect location for any part of a wedding weekend. From a rehearsal dinner to a ceremony, or after party. But it truly shines as a modern, stylish reception venue.

Insignia started life as a historic Hamptons mansion. It still retains many of the stylish features you’d expect. Inside there is cedar paneling, copper roofing, quarried stone walls, and a towering architectural beauty of a turret. But inside, it has been transformed with touches of modern glamour, including cascading chandeliers, lounge seating, and an open floor plan that makes it ideal for large weddings.

No description of Insignia is complete without bringing up their mouth-watering menu. The menu has something for everyone: steak, sushi, oysters, lobster… they really have it all. Everything is cooked to the highest level of perfection. Insignia has a award-winning chefs will help you plan a custom menu just for your wedding, all complimented by their signature cocktails and extensive selection of wines.

That wine cellar is worth a mention on all its own. Insignia’s staff sommelier will personally choose the best bottles to go with your menu. We suggest selecting a special bottle or two to save for your big anniversaries. Imagine sitting with your sweetheart ten, twenty, even fifty years in the future, looking through your perfect wedding pictures and sipping a glass of the same wine that you drank on your wedding. It’s a dreamy thought.

As photographers we love shooting weddings at Insignia.



Jericho Terrace

For the dreamiest, most glamorous black tie weddings, there really is no better option than Jericho Terrace. This banquet hall is nestled in downtown Mineola just off of Route 25. It has been a favorite wedding venue of ours for years. We get excited every time we have a chance to work here. One look at the pictures and you’ll know why.

Jericho Terrace is a stunning catering hall surrounded by elaborately landscaped gardens. Walking around the property is like strolling through your own private fairy tale. Colonnaded walks, glass-walled atrium, and beautiful fountains. And it isn’t just a pretty spot when the flowers are blooming. No matter the season, there is always something beautiful to find here.

Inside, Jericho Terrace is even more fantastic. Whe you step inside, you are surrounded by beauty and glamour. Curving staircases, Art Deco-style chandeliers, inlaid floor, and walls of windows. On your wedding you’ll walk down the aisle below a soaring glass ceiling that feels like a cathedral open to the sky, surrounded by floral arrangements and gleaming lights.

Then there’s the ballroom: a multi-story banquet hall topped by a giant glass dome that can accommodate up to 400 guests, plus a dance floor. And of course, your wedding package comes with all the high-end amenities you’d expect of such a beautiful location, from valet parking to a gourmet menu to custom decor.

The staff here goes above and beyond, providing you with a personal consultant to help oversee every detail of planning your wedding. Jericho Terrace is the perfect place to create a dream wedding.

Jericho Terrace

249 Jericho Turnpike

Mineola, NY 11501

Phone: 516.742.5251


Land's End Waterfront Catering

is the epitome of seaside charm. If you picture yourself saying “I do” with waves and sun in the background, if you want to take wedding pictures with your toes in the sand… then this is just the place for you!

Located in the charming town of Sayville, it looks out over the Great South Bay. It’s a classic, Tudor style mansion that was recently renovated to create the most amazing wedding experience possible for you and your guests. The outdoor terrace ends in a picture-perfect gazebo overlooking the water. And there it’s just a short stroll down to Land’s End’s private beach.

Inside, Land’s End has a stylish bridal suite, multiple mahogany bars, private cocktail lounge, and a canopied terrace where your guests can enjoy the view. The ballroom is exquisitely designed. It has floor to ceiling windows that offer a panoramic view over the water. It can host up to 350 guests in fabulous style. And the staff is ready to help with anything you might need: gourmet catering, beautiful floral arrangements, and custom lighting design for your reception.

There are also stuningly landscaped gardens for you to walk through and a fire pit to relax by as the night winds down. No matter when or what season of the year, the waterfront views at Land’s End are absolutely unbeatable. A sunset photo shoot with just you, your new spouse, and the red and gold sky over sparkling waves.

Land’s End

80 Brown’s River Road

Sayville, NY 11782

Phone: 631.589.1888



Larkfield Manor

Larkfield Manor wedding photogrpher

There are not too many spots on Long Island more beautiful than the Larkfield Manor. Located on the North Shore, walking into Larkfield is like having a private Tuscan villa of your very own.

Here, soaring wood ceilings tower over stone floors, stone pillars surround outdoor terraces, and staircases are decorated with curling, old-fashioned metalwork. In the spring, fountains splash in secluded courtyards while flowers climb up the buildings made of sun-warmed stone. In the winter, the terraces are covered with fluffy drifts of white snow and ice sparkles on the miniature bridges. It’s a seasonless space, one that looks truly beautiful no matter when you find yourself there.

Larkfield prides itself on having all the amenities of a high-end wedding venue and we can attest that they do not disappoint. They have everything you need to feel like pampered royalty. Valet parking, custom floral decor, and an absolutely delicious menu. They provide you with a personal wedding consultant who is onsite to take care of all the details so you can enjoy your wedding day.

And yet, there’s something about Larkfield that brings out the playful side of brides and grooms. It’s an elegant venue that people can’t resist having fun in. Every time we’ve worked at Larkfield, we find ourselves capturing dozens of wonderful, spontaneous moments, and we can’t wait to do it again.

It is a fantastic venue.

Larkfield Manor

507 Larkfield Road

East Northport NY, 11731

Phone: 631.368.4422



Leonard's Palazzo

is the place you will love if you want a wedding portraits that are truly unforgettable. Located in Great Neck, just a short drive from the Little Neck Bay, this newly redesigned banquet hall is truly one-of-a-kind.

When you arrive at Leonard’s Palazzo, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into your own personal fairy tale. We’ve seen guests handed out of their cars by doormen in white gloves, elaborate Rococo-style stairways, a bridal suite that would make Scheherazade swoon, and walls of mirrors reflecting hundreds of smiling faces as the bride and groom walk into the ballroom.

Being photographers, we of course love the beauty of Leonard’s Palazzo. But we know you’ll love the amazing staff here as well. They are dedicated to helping you plan a perfect wedding day. Whether you need custom lighting or dazzling entertainment, they’re able to help you pull it together. And then there’s the gourmet menu, carefully crafted for each event and guaranteed to impress any guest.

The beautiful spaces at the Palazzo extend outside as well, where you can choose to have your wedding ceremony under the sun and dance the night away under the stars. Even in winter, it’s still a dreamy space to wander with your new spouse and your wedding party. Whether surrounded by new snow or new blooms, inside or outside, Leonard’s Palazzo is a place you’ll love to remember for years to come.

Leonard’s Palazzo

555 Northern Blvd.

Great Neck, NY 11021

Phone: 516.487.7900


Long Island Aquarium

is an unforgettable to celebrate your wedding. Where else can you wander in a butterfly garden. You can watch penguins sliding and sharks swimming, and say your big “I do,” ? We’re pretty sure the answer is nowhere.

Managed by Atlantis Banquets and Events, weddings at the Aquarium are a truly breathtaking experience. You can choose to have your ceremony inside (though whether or not you do it next to the sharks might be cause for some debate!) or in the Riverside Pavilion, looking out over the water. The marina here is the wonderful place to wander with your wedding party and capture a few priceless wedding pictures as the sun begins to set.

Long Island Aquarium is designed to evoke different parts of life under the sea. Do you want a Long Island wedding under the skeleton of a giant shark? Next to tanks of tropical fish? Perhaps on the terrace, with views of the water?

The beautiful spaces are set off by stunning service: a personal bridal attendant, valet parking, and complimentary coat check attendants, as well as both a maitre d’ and a wedding consultant to help you pull it all together. Though you can’t stay overnight in the aquarium itself the Hyatt Place East End is right next door, adding an extra touch of convenience to your wedding planning.

Long Island Aquarium gives you the sort of venue that your guests will be talking about for years to come. We’ve been in awe of every wedding we’ve had the good luck to photograph there.

This venue is one of the most magic places for weddings, our photographers love working here.

Atlantis Banquets & Events

431 East Main Street

Riverhead, NY 11901

Phone: 631.574.8008



Mansion at Oyster Bay

Give your wedding a touch of Jazz Age elegance at Mansion at Oyster Bay.

This historic mansion, located in Woodbury on Long Island’s North Shore.

It is more than just beautiful. It’s one of the most stunning wedding venues we’ve had the chance to photograph!

Mansion at Oyster Bay sits on a 120 acre estate. It was built in 1912 as the summer residence of wealthy attorney Victor Morawetz.

During the 20th century, it passed through the hands of several American millionaires and billionaires, whom added to the elegance and glamour of the house.

As soon as you arrive, the Woodlands will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in history to the golden age of the Roaring Twenties. Here, you can sip cocktails on an elegant terrace or dine in the grand ballroom while gazing out at the panoramic view of the grounds. The amazing staff will be there to take care of every detail, while you relax and enjoy your wedding as American royalty.

When it comes to spots for photos, it’s impossible for us to pick a favorite. Inside, sweeping staircases, wrought iron balconies, and black and white marble floors will make you think you’ve wandered into a scene from Gatsby. Outside, circular drive, splashing fountains, and garden paths are even more stunning. We’ve taken some of the most magnificent wedding pictures here -- just imagine how amazing yours will be!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer

Mansion at Oyster Bay

One Southwoods Road

Woodbury, NY 11797

Phone: 516.921.5707



North Ritz Club

With a name like the North Ritz Club, you expect a certain level of glamour and class from a wedding venue… and here, that’s exactly what you get. Located in downtown Syosset, the North Ritz Club is like a Hampton’s country club and Manhattan ballroom combined into one spectacular location.

From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by luxury that still manages to feels relaxed and comfortable.

The elegant, high-ceilinged ballroom feels just as perfect for an intimate gathering as it does for a black-tie gathering of 350 guests, while a separate cocktail room welcomes you with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

We have always been just as impressed with the service.

From the valet that hands you out of your car to the personal bridal attendant who keeps everything running smoothly, the staff is always available to make sure you have the best experience possible.

The grounds here are truly a photographer’s dream… which of course means they make a dreamy spot for a wedding.

The grounds are immaculately landscaped, with whitewashed arbors, pathways, and fountains sparkling in the sunlight.

A charming gazebo is the perfect spot to say your vows or capture a few elegant pictures.

Waterfalls cascading between beds of flowers, and at night, everything bush and tree is bright with twinkle lights.

We’ve seen the North Ritz Club alive with spring blooms, covered in snow drifts, and everything in between.

No matter the time of year, it’s the best spot for a fantastic wedding.

We can’t wait to see yours here too!

North Ritz Club

274 Jericho Turnpike.

Syosset, NY 11791

Phone: 516.921.4000



NYIT De Seversky

Originally known as a the White Eagle, NYIT De Seversky sits on a 300 acre estate in Old Westbury.

The venue was completed in 1918 as the Long Island residence of millionaire philanthropist Alfred DuPont.

During the 20th century, it was owned by many of the leading luminaries in American and international business society.

At first glance, it may seem a bit odd to get married in a building that houses offices of the NYIT.

As soon as you look at it you realize that this stately turn of the century mansion is anything but odd.

It’s one of the most charming venues on Long Island.

NYIT De Seversky mansion is stunning and it has a star-studded history.

It was built in the neoclassical-Georgian style.

The atmosphere will make you instantly feel as if you have been transported to your own private estate.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you are surrounded by Jazz Age glamour.

You can sip cocktails on an elegant bluestone patio that overlooks the lake.

You can dine in the grand ballroom while gazing out at the panoramic view of the East Lawn.

When it comes to amazing places for wedding photgraphy, NYIT De Seversky will make you feel like you’re in a high-fashion shoot or just plain royal.

The inside will make you think you’ve wandered into the pages of The Great Gatsby.

Outside, the tree-lined drives, manicured lawns, and endless garden paths are even more stunning.

NYIT de Seversky

New York Institute of Technology de Seversky Mansion

1 Northern Boulevard

Glen Head, NY 11545

Phone: 516.686.7675



Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle wedding photographer

Marrying in a French castle should be impossible without flying to Europe… but what if we told you it wasn’t? What if we told you that you could get married in a chateau of your very own at Oheka Castle, right on Long Island’s Gold Coast?

This stunning mansion has been dazzling guests for nearly 100 years. Oheka Castle was built in 1919 for the celebrated financier and arts patrol Otto Hermann Kahn as a luxurious getaway home where he could host the sort of parties that you find in the pages of The Great Gatsby -- in fact, Oheka was one of the inspirations for the 2013 Gatsby movie! Today, it is on the National Register of Historic Places and has hosted a century of celebrities from Charlie Chaplin to Heidi Klum. It is known as one of the most historic hotels and prestigious wedding venues in the world.

One look at estate and grounds and you’ll understand exactly why it is so famous. The mansion in a dreamy mix of French classical architecture and Art Nouveau elegance. You’ll wander under towering ceilings, up marble staircases, and into a majestic ballroom that can accommodate 400 guests for a sit down dinner -though the entire space can host 1,000 people for a Gatsby-style, ongoing event!

Outside, you might think you’ve wandered into the grounds at Versaille as you stroll through formal gardens and across a sprawling lawn, or stop to admire yourself in the reflecting pool and enjoy the fountains. In winter, the estate becomes an icy wonderland, blanketed with snow. A wedding here will undoubtedly be a dream event. We can’t wait to see yours!

This is one of the most grandiose places for a wedding.

Wedding Photos

Oheka Castle

135 Westgate Drive

Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: 631.659.1402



Old Field Club

It seems like a contradiction to describe a wedding venue as “rustic” and “elegant” at the same time, but that’s exactly what comes to mind when you see the Old Field Club. Located just sixty miles east of Manhattan on the North Shore of Long Island, this pretty spot is one of the best kept secrets in wedding locations.

The Old Field Club has nearly a century behind it. It was originally founded by the Melville family in 1929. The space has all the historical charm you would expect. The pretty white buildings are surrounded by a long porch and manicured grounds, making you feel like you’ve stepped back into an era a summer parties and lawn tennis. Inside, a row of chandeliers hangs from the original barn-style rafters. Wood floors provide the perfect spot for dancing the night away.

If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, the Old Field Club has the great spot. A paved patio ends in a classical white cupola. If the weather’s a little stormy or cold, though, you can just as easily have your ceremony inside, saying your vows in front of the beautiful old stone fireplace.

We love how close this spot is to the shore. A few steps is all it takes to find yourself on the waterfront. With sparkling water, bright sun, and endless blue sky behind your, it’s the right place for photographing a special moment between two lovebirds. We can’t wait to take you here!

This is a wonderful North Shore Long Island wedding venue.

Old Field Club

86 West Meadow Road

East Setauket, New York 11733

Phone: 631.751.0571



Pellegrini Vineyards

When you walk the grounds at Pellegrini Vineyards, you might just think that you’re wandering through fields in Southern France.

Pellegrini Vineyards is located in Cutchogue, which is sometimes called the sunniest town in New York. It’s a real working vineyard with acres of amazing views and a rustic-chic vibe that is great for a relaxed, personal, playful wedding day.

One of our favorite things about Pellegrini Vineyards is that it looks exactly like the set for a high-fashion Vogue photo shoot, without even trying! The rows of vines in the fields to the cool, dark wine cellar, there are gorgeous spots everywhere. You can celebrate indoors or out, depending on the weather and your preference. No matter which you pick, you are guaranteed a natural, rustic, utterly picturesque setting for your special day.

Here, you’re able to fully customize your wedding day, bringing in your ideal caterer, band, and decor -- though the helpful staff will always be on hand to answer questions and get the set-up just right. They’re willing to work with whoever you bring in to make your day flow as smoothly as possible while you concentrate on having an amazing time.

And of course, they’re ready to supply your entire wine menu! We suggest picking up a special bottle or two and saving them for anniversaries to come. Imagine sitting with your spouse ten or twenty years from now, drinking the same wine you did on your special day and looking through your amazing wedding photos.

Pellegrini Vineyards

Long Island wedding photographer

23005 Main Road

Cutchogue, NY 11935

Phone: 631.734.4111



Raphael Vineyards

Raphael Vineyards

When you picture a vineyard wedding, there are a few things that come to mind: rolling fields of grapevines; a cool, private wine cellar; a rustic reception hall with tall wooden rafters. Raphael Vineyards has everything and more.

Tucked away in the North Fork of Long Island, Raphael Vineyards has the feel of a destination wedding. The land and the sky here seem to go on forever, surrounding you with amazing color and stunning views. No matter the season, the rows of vines are the best spot to wander.

Raphael Vineyards’ gorgeous reception hall feels like the best possible combination of a rustic barn and an elegant historic house. It has soaring rafters and fantasticl old chandeliers. The staff is willing to above and beyond to make sure everything is arranged exactly as you want. It’s the ideal spot to hold both ceremony and reception. Or, if you prefer, you can move outside, where you can say your vows and celebrate surrounded by panoramic views out toward the water. And don’t forget the spectacular terraced balcony.It is an amazing place to escape to watch the sun go down.

The catering at Raphael Vineyards receives rave reviews. And then, there is the wine ,no matter your preference, they have a selection you’ll love. You can even arrange to have your guests take home bottles as favors. You and your new spouse are wine lovers, the cellar is a not to be missed spot. We love to take couples down here to sneak in a few pictures that are equal parts old-school rustic and high-fashion chic.

Raphael Vineyards is a the mots rustic place for a Long Island wedding.

Wedding Phography

Raphael Vineyards

39390 Main Road, Route 25

Peconic, New York 11958

Phone: 631.765.1100


Royalton Mansion

When a wedding venue is called the Royalton Mansion you expect a certain level of royal treatment… and here, you won’t be disappointed.

Located in Roslyn Heights, the Royalton Mansion was originally built in 1918.

It has been restored to its Jazz Age glory, creating a wedding venue like no other.

You are surrounded by luxury that still manages to feels relaxed and comfortable.

The mood is set as soon as you enter the amazing foyer.

Marble floors and a sweeping staircase are made cozy by soft lighting and stunning flowers.

The elegant dining room, with floor to ceiling windows and plenty of space for dancing, feels just as ideal for an intimate gathering as it does for a black-tie gala.

And we have always been wonderfully impressed with the service here.

The staff is always available to make sure you have the best experience possible.

The grounds here are truly a photographer’s dream come true… which of course means they make a dreamy spot for a wedding!

Everything is immaculately landscaped, with ancient trees, winding cobblestone pathways, beds of bright flowers, and fountains splashing in the sunlight.

At night, the trees sparkle with twinkle lights.

In the winter, the grounds are cloaked in snow and ice, creating a quiet retreat from the outside world.

No matter the time of year, the Royalton Mansion is a place that you’ll remember for years to come.

Royalton Mansion

33 Club Drive

Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Phone: 516.625.9101



Riviera at Massapequa

Nestled up against the edge of Long Island’s South Shore, the Riviera at Massapequa has been hosting amazing events for nearly 100 years.

Originally known as the Peninsula Golf and Country Club, the Riviera opened in 1926. Throughout the Roaring Twenties, it served as a gathering spot for Long Island’s elite, before being sold to the Karras family in 1946. Since then, they’ve perfected the art of throwing a wedding.They are ready to bring that perfection to your special day.

When you’re at the Riviera at Massapequa, you don’t feel as if you’re at a typical country club. Though the space is unbelievably beautiful, there’s something a little more casual about it, a little more playful, modern elegance tempered with historic charm. The banquet hall is a masterpiece of exposed brick walls in the banquet hall, sweeping timber ceilings, and wrought-iron balconies. Outside, beautifully landscaped gardens wind towards a whimsical gazebo. Lush green lawns slope down to wooden piers that line the water.

In fact, it’s amazing location right on the water might be the best part of the Riviera at Massapequa. Whether you want to get married with the bay stretching out behind you, steal away for waterfront pictures on the terrace, or simply watch the sun go down through panoramic windows, it’s truly a fantastic spot for a wedding day.

Riviera at Massapequa

200 E Shore Drive

Massapequa, NY 11758

Phone: 516.541.5020



Sand Castle

There are few spaces with more inherent glamour or elegance than Sand Castle. It is located right in the middle of Franklin Square. Sand Castle is one of the most amazing space in New York to celebrate a Long Island wedding.

Sand Castle’s design was inspired by European castles, and being there will certainly make anyone feel like royalty. When the uniformed doorman swings open the front door, your guests are welcomed into the grand foyer, a space with towering ceilings, wood paneled walls, and gleaming marble floors. They’ll be able to relax with cocktails in the cozy hospitality suit. The amazing staff sees to all the last minute preparations, and you concentrate on getting ready in the bridal suite, confident that every details is taken care of.

The terrace with its charming gazebo is the perfect space for your ceremony in the spring and summer. But whatever season you get married, you can have the fun and beauty of an outdoor wedding in the atrium, a glass-enclosed space that is heated in the cool months. No matter which space you choose, you and your guests will have amazing views of the gorgeous gardens and lush trees that surround Sand Castle while you say your vows.

Inside, the ballroom might be an even more spectacular space. Here, cream marble columns soar towards the ceiling. Elegantly draped fabric will make you feel as if you are in a tent and maybe in a scene from One Thousand and One Nights. Glittering chandeliers are complemented by glowing candlelight. Hardwood dance floor encourages your guests to get up and celebrate in style.

Sand Castle

505 Franklin Avenue

Franklin Square, NY 11010

Phone: 516.354.7263



Stonebridge Country Club

Stonebridge Country Club

This unbelievably pretty spot is sure to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your wedding.

Inside you’re surrounded by luxury.

This lovely banquet hall can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Its floor to ceiling windows give you a perfect view outside.

The space is naturally elegant, but of course the wonderful staff is available to help you fix it up however you like.

Elaborate floral arrangements, personally designed decor, and beautiful lighting will help you make it your own for the day and turn the space into an expression of your personality.

Stonebridge Country Club is surrounded by beautifully manicured grounds that just beg to be explored.

You’ll certainly want to wander through the gardens and down to the lake, posing for a picture or two on the stunning old stone bridge.

In the summer, the rolling greens of the golf course stretch out all around you.

In winter, ice sparkles on the water and the bare tree branches.

We’re sure you’ll treasure the memories of your special day here.

You’ll love the stunning wedding photos that keep those memories fresh and sparkling in your mind.

Stonebridge C.C

2000 Raynors Way
Smithtown, New York 11787
Phone: 631.656.6899



Swan Club

If there is one spot in New York that truly makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a fairy tale, that spot is the Swan Club. This location is full of romance, elegance, and unbelievable beauty.

Located on the edge of Hempstead Bay, the Swan Club gives you a sense of magic from the moment you arrive. The charming banquet hall is surrounded by the prettiest gardens you could possibly imagine. Narrow paths wander through lush flower gardens that burst with color in the warm months, and moss hangs from the branches of weeping willow trees. In the fall, the grounds are bright with the changing leaves, and in the winter they sparkle with snow and ice.

Inside, the Swan Club is just as charming. There are multiple ballrooms with evocative names like the Contessa, the Camelot, and the Garden Room, elegantly designed and able to seat up to 300 guests. The glass enclosed terrace is the perfect spot to have your ceremony; it feels as though you are in the gardens, without having to worry about the heat and cold from outside. And then, of course, there is the amazing staff, beautiful decor, and gourmet food to add the finishing touches.

When it comes to photos, there are almost too many stunning places to choose from. But nothing can compare to a wander through the grounds. If you stroll along the garden paths and over a whitewashed bridge, you’ll find yourself at the edge of a beautiful lake, where fountains shoot towards the bluest sky you’ve ever seen. And yes, there are real swans here, adding another touch of fairy tale romance. You’ll feel like you’ve wandered into a dream -- and we’ll be there to catch every intimate moment.

Swan Club

90 Glenwood Road

Roslyn, New York 11576

Phone: 516.621.7600



The Inn at New Hyde Park

You wouldn’t really expect to find a historic mansion in the middle of New Hyde Park. But that’s exactly what the Inn at New Hyde Park is. Designed in a stunning combination of hollywood glamour and Art Nouveau elegance, the Inn is the ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams.

Inside, you have your pick of elegant spaces. There’s the Savannah Room, a cozy, pretty space that’s perfect for an intimate wedding. There’s the Anthonian Rose Room, with hardwood floors and a baby grand piano for events of up to 150 people. The Conservatory is perfect for an indoor wedding. The Tuscany Room has the look of an Italian market, with panoramic views of the Inn’s gardens. The ballrooms are majestic spaces with a granite bars, crystal chandeliers, and mahogany floors for weddings of up to 300 guests. Not to mention the elegant, romantic bridal suites, complete with private stocked bars and personal attendants. From the moment you arrive, being at the Inn will truly make you feel like European royalty.

Outside, wrought-iron fences open up onto flagstone terraces perfect for lounging with a cocktail while you watch the sunset. If you venture a little further, you’ll find yourself strolling over charming bridges and through elegantly landscaped gardens, l whether they’re blooming with flowers or covered in snow drifts. If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, you’ll love the marble and iron gazebo, a gorgeous spot for saying your vows surrounded by your family and friends.

No matter where you turn, you’ll be surrounded by beauty and elegance.

The Inn at New Hyde Park

214 Jericho Turnpike

New Hyde Park, New York 11040

Phone: 516.354.7797






The Milleridge Inn

Located in downtown Jericho, the Milleridge Inn is a gem that has been around for over fifty years. With a combination of old world charm and modern amenities, they have the space and the style to help you design the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

We’ve loved every minute of working with the staff at the Milleridge. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at the art of weddings, they are so friendly and helpful that you feel like nothing can possibly go wrong with them in charge. The Milleridge has multiple event space available, including the charming, conservatory-like Cottage, and they’re sure to help you pick the best one and turn it into the venue of your dreams. Whether you need a black tie banquet or an intimate wedding ceremony, they can make it all work, and they do it all with style and ease.

The Milleridge Inn isn’t one of those wedding venues that only works for warm-weather events. We’ve seen weddings here in the heat of summer and in the middle of winter. They all look picture-perfect. Whether you’re surrounded by blooming flowers or fluffy snow, twinkle lights or Christmas trees, the Milleridge is truly stunning regardless of the season.

There are dozens of gorgeous places to take your wedding portraits here: the outdoor terrace with the charming Inn in the background, the beautiful banquet hall, and of course the elegantly landscaped grounds, full of garden nooks where you can hide away. At night, the outside is lit up with tiny, sparkling lights,, providing an elegant spot for you to take a moonlit stroll or for guests to mingle and dance. Every inch of the Milleridge Inn is stunning. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

The Milleridge Inn

585 N Broadway

Jericho, New York 11753

Phone: 516.931.2201



The Venetian

If you’ve always dreamed of a breathtaking, glamorous wedding, you’ll fall in love with The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey. Here, they don’t just help you plan a wedding -- they create an entire wedding experience for you and your guests. As you arrive the valet takes your car and a white gloved waiter hands you a glass of champagne, you’ll be surrounded by luxury and comfort.

The Venetian is fully staffed to anticipate every need you might have: a personal bridal attendant, restroom attendants, and a five-star team of chefs are the perfect compliment to the amazing building. Walking through the exquisite grounds will make you feel as though you are wandering around the estate of an old English manor. And then there’s the majestic ballroom, complete with marble floors, sweeping staircases, and beautiful Art Nouveau ceilings that tower above you. It’s truly a place like no other.

At The Venetian, they don’t just customize your gourmet menu. They also create a specialty wine and champagne list, dessert selection, and an amazing wedding cake. And then, of course, there are the perfectly designed decorations, including custom ice sculptures, seating cards, and elegant floral arrangements. No matter what you picture for your wedding, the staff at The Venetian can make it happen with style and ease. And best of all, they’re incredibly fun to work with!

For pictures that are worthy of a high-fashion magazine -- or a royal wedding! -- The Venetian truly has no equal. The grand entranceway to the chandelier-lit ballroom, every inch of the grounds and mansion are a dream for any wedding photographer. You will love every second you spend at The Venetian.

The Venetian

546 River Drive

Garfield, New Jersey

Phone: 973.546.2250



The Piermont

The Piermont wedding photographers

The Piermont is a stunning location for a wedding.

With a bit of country club elegance and a touch of nautical charm, it’s a great fit for any couple!

The Piermont offers scenic views out over the water from their private decks and terraces.

Our wedding photographers will take the most amazing wedding photos on their ground.

That could mean having an intimate first look on a pier or perhaps taking wedding photos along the water with your whole wedding party. Or getting the most romantic wedding pictures as the sun sets over the water.

There’s no greaterspot for an outdoor wedding than The Piermont .

Here, you are literally right on the water!

You’ll feel as if you are miles away from the rest of the world as you say your vows. It’s like having a destination wedding right on Long Island.

Inside, the space is just as elegant.

The walls of floor to ceiling windows let you look out over the water during your reception, making you feel as though you are outside the entire time.

If you need a little time alone, they have a lovely bridal suite you can escape to for as long as you want.

Best of all, The Piermont provides just about every service you need to plan your wedding, and you’ll have a personal maitre d’ to oversee every detail so you can relax and celebrate.

We have loved every wedding we have photographed there.

The Piermont

494 Fire Island Ave.

Babylon, New York 11702

Phone: 631.422.2400



Three Village Inn

Located in the charming village of Stony Brook on the North Shore of Long Island, the original The Three Village Inn was built in the 1751. Though it has been updated and added to since then, it still retains all the sweetness of the original country inn. With a combination of old world charm and modern amenities, they have the space and the style for the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

Our wedding photographers loved every minute of working with the staff at the Inn. They are incredibly knowledgeable and skillful at every detail of planning a wedding. They are also helpful and friendly, taking charge of everything so that you can concentrate on having an amazing wedding. Whether you’re dreaming of a formal, black tie banquet or an intimate, casual outdoor party they can make it work with style.

And in case you were wondering, the Three Village is a real working inn! They can accommodate you for you entire weekend, a weekend that will be relaxed, entertaining, and memorable.

When it comes to dreamy wedding photography, we highly recommend a stroll through the charming, playful downtown to capture the country spirit of Stony Brook. And of course, there’s the beautiful Stony Brook Harbor, a short walk down the road. It’s the perfect place to capture a few playful, scenic photos. Image the water sparkling in the background, the sky going on forever, and the sun setting behind you. When you’re ready to return to the party, the grounds of the Inn will create a lovely backdrop as you celebrate long into the night. In fact, every inch of the Three Village Inn is sweet and utterly charming.

The Three Village Inn is the most whimsical place for a Wedding.

Three Village Inn

150 Main Street

Stony Brook, New York 11790

Phone: 631.751.0339



The Vineyards

When you picture a vineyard wedding, what comes to mind? Perhaps rolling fields of grapevines, a gorgeous reception hall, and a hint of something rustic to bring a casual, elegant vibe? We’re happy to let you know that The Vineyards has these things and more.

Nestled in the North Fork of Long Island, The Vineyards feels of as far away the bustle of normal life as a destination wedding spot. The land and the sky here seem to go on forever, surrounding you with wonderful color and stunning views. The long rows of vines give way to elegantly landscaped gardens, a rustic open barn, and a pond that reflects the endless sky. It’s an ideal spot to wander with your new sweetheart… and inside, the space is even more spectacular.

The building is as charming and elegant as you could want, with a pillared entrance, sweeping staircases, and walls of windows that let you enjoy the view even from inside. The staff here provides every assistance possible in crafting your wedding. This includes custom lighting and decor, floral arrangements, indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and of course gourmet catering.

Last but not least, there is the wine, they have a selection you’ll love. Be sure to set aside a special bottle for your first anniversary. Can you imagine sitting with your spouse, drinking the same wine you did on your wedding as you look through your perfect wedding photos and remember the moment you said your vows? Dreamy!

The vineyards is the staple of weddings when it comes to the opinions of most wedding photographers.

The Vineyards

978 Main Road (Route 25)

Aquebouge, New York 11931

Phone: 631.722.3200



The Village Club at Lake Success

it's a fantastic venue.

It may seem like a contradiction to describe a spot as both rustic and modern, both casual and elegant.

But that’s exactly what this venue is.

Located just twenty miles outside Manhattan, this award-winning venue offers everything you need to create your dream wedding.

It has all the charm and elegance you expect, but with a few surprising, modern twists.

The formal design of the building is offset with unexpected touches like mid-century windows and drum chandeliers.

The banquet hall, which can set over 300 guests, features elegant floor to ceiling windows a large wood dance floor that contrast with its exposed brick walls and modern lighting design.

Here, you can choose to celebrate inside or out.

We particularly love their terrace for an intimate, outdoor wedding.

No matter what you choose, you’ll have an amazing experience.

The staff at The Village Club is ready to customize everything for you, from the gourmet menu to the gorgeous flowers.

The results could not be more spectacular.

We have the pictures to prove it!

Even in winter, it’s still a dreamy space to wander with your new spouse and your wedding party, when the snow lies softly on the ground and the trees are bright with twinkle lights.

Whether surrounded by new snow or new blooms, inside or outside, The Village Club at Lake Success is a place you’ll love to remember for years to come.

Endorsed by many wedding photographers.

The Village Club at Lake Success

318 Lakeville Road

Great Neck, NY 11020

Phone: 516.482.4411


Watermill Caterers

is the ideal venue for the glamorous, personal wedding you’ve always dreamed of having.

The staff at Watermill is about as creative and accommodating as it is possible to be.

They’re there to help you create your dream wedding, starting with deciding between the indoor or outdoor ceremony.

The amenities offered are the ones you would expect of a high-end wedding venue.

A personal wedding consultant, bridal attendant, private bridal suite, customized lighting, and a delicious, five-star menu.

They know all the best locations to sneak away for the best wedding photos with your sweetheart.

Your favorite place might be the outdoor chapel, perfect either for your wedding ceremony or bridal portraits.

It might be the endless gardens, which make you feel as though you’ve wandered into the middle of a fairy tale.

Or it might be the Grand Ballroom. It is an elegantly-designed banquet space for up to 300 guests with cherry-wood dance floors.

Or it could simply the be the entire place: acres of landscaped grounds that are gorgeous regardless of what time of year or season it is, surrounding one of the prettiest venues we’ve ever seen.

Our wedding photographers love working at Watermill

Watermill Caterers

711 Smithtown Bypass

Smithtown, New York 11787

Phone: 631.724.3242



Westbury Gardens

Westbury gardens wedding

is ideal if you want wedding photos so glamorous, so elegant that even you’ll have trouble believing they are real.

There is no better place to take your wedding photos than the Old Westbury Gardens.

It is tucked in between the Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway.

Westbury Gardens will make you feel as though you’ve wandered into your very own fairy tale.

The land that makes up the Gardens was once the private estate of John Shaffer Phipps, heir to the U.S. Steel fortune.

Bought at the beginning of the 20th century, the estate is made up of 200 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.

There’s a Grecian temple, open to the sky and creating the perfect backdrop for the most glamorous wedding photos.

Fountains and ponds that sparkle in the sunlight; carefully trimmed boxwood hedges.

Banks of flowers that change from season to season.

But the jewel of Westbury Gardens is the house: a 23 room mansion designed in Charles II style, with soaring pillars, floor-to-ceiling windows, and elegant rooms full of antique furnishings.

The outside is just as spectacular.

On one side, the sweeping drive that leads you to the front door.

On the other, wide stone steps leads down to a red brick terrace that stretches the length of the house and opens up onto the rolling green lawns of the Gardens.

Westbury Gardens is a place fit for royalty which is exactly what you’ll feel like every second you’re here.

It will take your breath away!

Westbury Gardens

71 Old Westbury Road

Old Westbury, New York

Phone: 516.333.0048


Westmount Country Club

A wedding at Westmount feels different to the typical wedding experience.

It was built over fifty years ago in New Jersey’s Woodland Park.

The elegance you expected in a wedding venue located on thirty spectacular acres overlooking Garret Mountain is what you will find here.

But it also has an element of stunning modern glamour.

The stunning terrace and gazebo make a perfectly picturesque spot for an outdoor wedding ceremony, a dream for any wedding photographer.

Inside, the Grand Ballroom is a majestic space with marble floors and dramatic lighting.

It can be used for both ceremony and reception.

It’s all in how you design it, and the amazing staff is there to figure out exactly how to make your ideal wedding day appear.

In fact, we’ve loved working with the Westmount wedding team.

They’re incredibly adaptable, helping you custom design each event from floral arrangements to gourmet menu.

They’re also incredibly accommodating and helpful.

Going above and beyond to help with set up, breakdown, and every other detail in between is always the Westmount staff priority.

When it comes to the best places for wedding photos, the Westmount is everything a couple could want. An experienced wedding photographer can take advantage of all the amazing opportunities it had to offer.

The grounds are full of lush blooms, hidden nooks, and elegant fountains.

It is ideal for intimate photos and formal portraits.

Inside the country club, the grand foyer feels like a setting for a high fashion photo shoot.

It’s the sort of venue that looks amazing regardless off what time of year you’re there or what your personal style is.

We’re sure you’ll treasure the memories of your special day here.

We can promise you’ll have stunning wedding photos.

Westmount Country Club

728 Rifle Camp Road

Woodland Park, New Jersey 07424

Phone: 973.256.2700



Willow Creek

is one of the prettiest places on Long Island.

It's designed with rolling stretches of parkland, picturesque walks, beautifully landscaped water features.

It even has a lake that you can stroll over and around.

It’s dramatic, elegant, and scenic: the perfect combination for any wedding.

Located in Mount Sinai on the North Shore, Willow Creek has indoor and outdoor locations for both your ceremony and reception. The outdoor terrace and arbor isideal for an intimate summer ceremony.

The stunning Lakeside Ballroom is a glamorous space that can accommodate up to 230 guests, with remarkable views out over the Willow Creek Lake.

They also offers the world-class service you need to make that day a success, valet parking, custom decor plans and gourmet menu.

They go above and beyond to create your dream wedding day.

The charming stone bridge is the ideal place for an intimate first look.

The stunning grounds of the golf course are the perfect backdrop for family and bridal party portraits.

Inside, the view out the windows of the ballroom provides an elegant backdrop to the entire evening, preserved forever in your wedding photos.

Willow Creek

One Clubhouse Drive

Mt. Sinai, New York 11766

Phone: 631.474.9200



LGBT Weddings

We hope one day we will not have to make a point of being LGBT friendly. This should be a natural incorporate state of our social environment. At Lighthouse Photography we are a progressive team of artists who always embraced all sides of our society.We are very compassionate towards our LGBT friends and families as they are part of our life and community. Same Sex weddings as any LGBT wedding are a huge part of our wedding portfolio. We are very proud of our LGBT couples, friend and FAMILY.



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