Beach wedding photos
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Beach wedding photos

How to find real content on Long Island wedding photographers

In a digital world where everything is at our fingertips it must be difficult to discern between things that help a couple decide on which photographer is best fit for their taste, wedding set up, expectations and budget.

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Our experience in shooting weddings over two decades can simplify these questions and can shed some light into the decision process.

So let’s take in one at the time:

  • A couple’s taste is many times defined by the Pinterest boards and Instagram shares. We highly recommend focusing on images that have direct connections to the Long Island landscape and scenery. Looking at photos taken in Texas, California or any other parts of the country will not help narrow down their best choices. Much easier in understanding a photographer’s skills and the couple’s preference is comparing photos online with things that resemble Long Island.Danford's 26
  • Wedding set up. Many couples do not take in consideration the season they are getting married when looking at wedding photos, nor the time of the day where their formal session will take place. By formal session we mean the family photos, wedding party photos and romantics. Comparing a summer wedding photo to one taken in the spring will not clarify what is the couple looking to attain during the photo session, but rather create more confusion. The light outside is very different season to season. While we all most know that overcast makes for gorgeous photos, most couple wish for a beautiful sunny day for their wedding. While a sunny day is very common during summer months, it might become a wishful thinking toward the end of the year.Danford's 25
  • Expectations can vary from couple to couple. Some couples love candid photos for the most part while other care for the table shots. The best way to narrow it down is by communicating all these things beforehand. The wedding date unfolds very fast so knowing the important elements ahead of time would help for a better outcome.
  • Budget plays an important role in deciding on your wedding photographer. Wedding photography is a al service and the prices will vary widely among photographers.