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Photos that Will Make You have an Unplugged Wedding!

Now a wedding photographer will do his best to avoid those guests who decide to become a day photographer, but sometimes it can actually become a bit ridiculous, and those beautiful wedding photos of you walking down the aisle can be ruined.

23 Reason for Unplugged Wedding!

What does 'unplugged marriage' mean?

An unplugged wedding is where you and your guests unplug from all over the world, whether it's your phone, iPad, camera, or any other technology. An unplugged wedding is about enjoying the moment, looking down the aisle to see your friends and family looking back, seeing their emotions, seeing them smiling, feeling their love. On the other hand, in a world where people are checking their phones, taking photos and uploading to Facebook or Instagram in an instant, do you want to look down the aisle to see your friends and family hiding behind a camera or their phone as they take photos and upload to the world to see before you even say 'I Do'?
Why are you supposed to have an unplugged wedding?

If the photos above were not enough, think about your guests and why you want them to be there. You want them to be there to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the moment you get married, to forget all about it and just be there. There's no need for guests to check their phone, there's no need for guests to take pictures, you've hired a professional wedding photographer.
Social Media With social media and most people living on a daily basis, do you want all these photos taken by guests on Facebook before you walked back down the aisle as a husband and wife? Do you want to turn your phone on at the end of the day and have hundreds of photo notifications that you've been tagged in? This is your wedding day, and you should be able to choose what's shared and who's sharing it.

You want your guests to enjoy the day and be part of it, you haven't invited your family and friends to take photos and be a day photographer, you hired a professional to do that. You invited them because you want them out there, in person, not hidden behind the phone.
Are you supposed to ban guests from phones and cameras?
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Banning phones and cameras may sound a little loud, but it's not about banning them, it's about getting your guest to understand that you hired a professional wedding photographer and that they can see these photos once they're ready. You want your guests to know that you want them to be there and enjoy the moment.

Use the signs to advise your guests not to use their phones or cameras while the ceremony is taking place, add a little message and note to your invitation, check out Unplugged Weddings on Pinterest for ideas on signage, text and creative ways to inform your guests.

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This video sums it up nicely ... this video posted on YouTube by SLF weddings sums up and shows you why you should go unplugged, and why you as guests should put your phones down and enjoy the moment, that's what the bride and groom want.

What do you think about uploaded weddings? Do you advise your couples to go unplugged, or are you a bride and groom who have decided to go unplugged?

If you are a photographer, please give us a comment below on how often you see this and your views on it, please share it as well.

What are you thinking about unplugged weddings? Are you going to tell your guests to keep their phones turned off and there's no need to bring your camera?