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Do I Need to Feed My Wedding Photographer?

You've found your perfect wedding photographer, and you've ticked it off your list, at some point you've come to catering, and you've got the number of guests there, and then you think, 'Do I need to feed my wedding photographer? ‘. This is a very common question that seems to have arisen a lot, and the answer to it can vary.

Am I supposed to feed my photographer?

The answer is entirely up to you, you don't have too many, however many couples do it, whether it's a full meal at their table, or whether it's a meal away from everyone else. Your photographer might be working all day, so while everyone might be snacking, drinking and having lunch and dinner, your photographer would be capturing all of this. But when are they going to step aside and get some food?

If your photographer's only going to be there for the ceremony and reception, then food is probably not needed, but if they're there for the whole day, from the first thing in the morning right through to the night, then it's a very long day and a long time to go without any substantial food.

"Our photographer ate the same meal we had, and he sat at our table while he ate. I'm not sure why I would have fed him something "lesser." He sat with us and got some great photos in between bites and then got up and moved around getting more photos of the dinner in progress. "You might have talked to your wedding photographer a lot before the big day, building a bond and a connection with your photographer, even though they're there as a professional to do a job you might want to do. Some couples like to have the photographer join them at their dinner table, allowing the photographer to take a few shots and then move around the other tables to take other photos.

On the other hand, the photographer may want to have a break away from it all for a moment when they can take a breath and have some food. They may also prefer this, as they may not prefer to sit with the guests, as they may find this awkward, as they don't know anyone, and would prefer to spend some quiet time briefly.

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The photographer was going to work harder and longer than anyone else, from being there first thing in the morning to capture photos of the bride getting ready all day to the ceremony, reception, cake cutting, right through to the first dance, making sure they're always capturing those moments that others would miss. Depending on the location and the shots, they might be carrying heavy equipment around the grounds of a stately home or remote barn to get those beautiful bride and groom shots with a stunning background. It can be a long and tiring day, and no matter how nice it is to feed your photographer, you could also say that it will help you get back a lot more in return.

It's a good idea to talk to your photographer about this and give them a chance, they might love to join everyone for dinner or just prefer to sit in their car with their pre-prepared sandwiches, so find out what works best for them.