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very cool wedding photography

Why you don’t need an ultimate wedding photo list

There are many dozens of lists on the world's wonderful web which will give you the 'lastest wedding photo list,' which you can print and hand to your wedding photographer ... but there are plenty of reasons why you should chuck the list to your desktop garbage right now. There are no reasons why your photographer needs a wedding photo list: while professional photographers work closely with you and your partner to get a feel for the photographs that matter to you, providing a photographer with a "last wedding photo list" is like going to a café and giving the barista a list of ingredients you need to make a chai latte.

Did you ever see a wedding photographer in one hand and a checklist in another walking around with a camera? It just isn't done. You know what's needed and you know how to do it best.

There is a list however that you may want, such as a seat for your late great grandmother or an heirloom that you have been gifted especially for your honeymoon, that combines your family photos immediately after the ceremony and any special gifts or sentiments you want to capture from the day you want.

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If not, the way that you and your wedding photographer are on the same page as the "lastest wedding photo list" about the kind of wedding photos you've been looking for will be much more constructive than "last Wedding photo list"

"It's very important to discuss this with your photographer to ensure that you're on the same page, but then to trust them to take such images, that's the next best step.

"When you have a list of the photos to take it, it's very difficult to be creative and take organic photographs of interactions and natural moments during the wedding day. It may shudder the eye of a photographer and blink it a bit. 'Tell your ideas. You'll be able to take the time to talk about the kinds of images that are important to you and your partner after making your decision about a photo style you love.

If you've already begun a pinboard, connect your photographer to it, Pinterest can play such a big role in marriage inspiration.

Be willing to trust Providing a full list of shots to your photographer (some online lists have as much as 85 ...) really does not show you to be 100% comfortable. Leave your professional to it once you've talked about your vision.

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