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Why You Must Have Golden Hour Wedding Photos at Your Wedding

Gold hour. Black hour. Have you heard about that? Whether you're a photographer or have spoken to one for more than ten minutes, it's certainly in your lexicon. Yet for us ordinary people, the golden hour is the magical moment one hour before sunset, when the light is just fine for images. Those radiant wedding pictures that you sighed about as you looked for wedding photographers? Golden hour, man. It's every time.

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Throughout the golden hour, the light is lighter and less bright than when the sun is higher in the sky, which ensures that your photos can have a lovely soft glow, and you can also take advantage of these stunning sunburns. You should also prevent heavy shadows and squinty eyes that make photographing faces incredibly difficult for photographers.

You can also test the golden hour for any time zone or date with this handy caculator, which is helpful if you're trying to fit golden hour pictures into your busy wedding day! Technically, the golden hour always occurs one hour after sunrise, which might not be so pleasant on your big day unless you and your friend are serious people in the morning!

Golden hour wedding images were something to take into account when you plan your wedding day, but don't panic if a golden hour happens a few hours after you want to take pictures. One way to make the most of this light is to take group photos after the ceremony earlier in the day, and then sneak away with your photographer for a few after dinner portraits in that magical light. Make sure you speak to your photographer about taking advantage of this light in advance. They're definitely going to be able to find the best place to take advantage of this short window of time!