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same sex marriage wedding photographers

12 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Our photographer at wedding is an important part of your big day. They will not only be a huge part of your budget — usually 10-15 percent — but you trust them to capture your wedding day's memories. That's a huge responsibility, so make sure that you've got the right photographer in your corner. Here are some questions that you should make sure you ask when you interview photographers.

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How many hours does that package deliver? Most photographers sell different "packages" that offer things like various amounts of time or printed photos. Make sure you know how many hours your photographers will be getting for. Try also to front-load your hours of photography. You'll be treasuring the pictures of you and your girls getting ready, but you don't really need tons and tons of drunk-people-dancing pictures at the end of the day!
Have you ever shot in before at my venue? If a photographer is familiar with a venue, they may be able to suggest shots that you hadn't thought about at different locations before. Also they will already know things like the best angle from which to shoot the head table. But don't give your photographer a discount just because they've never been to your venue. A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes make awesome pictures.
Do you prefer first-look couples? Some photographers have strong timeline opinions; others are more inclined to go with the flow. Be that as long as you're on the same page, either is ok. Every year, photographers go to hundreds of weddings — they are wedding experts and can be a valuable resource in planning your day's order.
What style of your photography? Are they fond of taking lots of traditional portraits? On the photojournalism side, err more? Spend a lot of time shooting details, like your shoes and dress? Love cool black-and-white filters or? Different photographers can take vastly different photos; make sure that you are working with someone who can produce the product that you want.
How many photographers there would be? Instead of one many brides opt for two shooters. This allows one photographer to take pictures of the couple mainly, and the other to shoot fun guest pictures and decoration. It also provides for a variety of viewpoints and angles.
Will you be a photographer of mine or would he be one of your partners? With a photographer you can get along great, but it doesn't matter if they're not the one that is actually showing up for the day. Some bigger companies have a wide range of photographers they send out, so be sure to ask if you are dealing with that.
Do you have a contract written in? Never, EVER are hiring a photographer who does not provide a written contract. Look it over for things like clauses on "acts of God" (tornados, etc.) and for any hidden fees.

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Will I get the digital rights to my photographs? Digital rights will allow you to share watermark-free images on either Facebook or Instagram.
Will I have the rights to print my photographs? In your wedding photography contract, educate yourself on copyright and inquire whether or not you will be able to send your photographs to Shutterfly instead of paying the photographer to print them.
How long is it until we receive the photos after the wedding? Obviously you'll be incredibly excited to check out the pictures, but it can take weeks or even months, often. Knowing well in advance will help you manage your expectations.
When is the down payment due? It is important to know when you are going to have to fork a huge chunk of change. Most photographers will need some form of deposit to book your date firmly. You should also ask when the rest of the payment is due — will you need to worry about it on your wedding day, or will you have to pay within the week that follows?
You are going to shoot multiple weddings that day? If so, make sure that the times you ask to be there are set in stone in the contract in case their first wedding begins to run late.