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What's the flower girl's primary role? To be sweet, of course. It is optional to have a flower girl, but it is a nice way to make a favorite little person feel a part of it. This is an explanation of her role and tips for making it easier. The flower girl, usually a lovely little lady between the ages of three and eight, descends the aisle just before the maid of honor and scatters rose petals along the bridal path. She follows the ring bearer (if there is one) and even precedes the bride sometimes. Traditionally, she totes a petal basket, but wrapped candies or confetti are other alternatives. It can also carry a single bloom, a pomander (a lush ball of flowers) or blow bubbles instead of dispersing the aforementioned items. Don't underestimate the power of the pal. We love the idea of having two flower girls or of pairing the ring bearer with the flower girl so that they can work side by side together. Wedding Photography


Partnership will give them added trust. If some bridesmaids are skittish about the procession, the floral girl will definitely be spooked a bit. In order to communicate the importance of her role while reducing the pressure, the bride should explain to her the tasks of the flower girl well in advance. Parents should follow pep talks and proofs. If possible, arrange for the flower girl to take part in the shower and/or lunch of the bridesmaids (if the bride has one) to increase her comfort around the other (larger) bridal attendants. Seeing friendly and familiar faces during the big day helps to alleviate any anxiety. Sit the parents of the flower girl in front of the ceremony so that she can concentrate on them and be encouraged by their reassurance smiles. After walking, the very young flower girl should sit with her parents; poised little ladies and the other bridal attendants can stand at the altar. Flower girls are not restricted to wearing bride's dress in mini replicas. White tea long dresses with a cap or satin bow are standard and sweet, but there are plenty of little girl looks. Bear in mind that having children at the ceremony means that you can only control so much. Be assured that whatever the flower girl does (screams, drops the basket, lifts her dress...), the guests will smile with her personality and preciousness.




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