Grand Central engagement photo
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Grand Central engagement photo

Secrets of Long Island Wedding Photographers

Next to every moment of your wedding day are wedding photographers. You snap off at your closest moments: your first look at the person with whom you want to live forever, your smile as you finally get married and your start on this dance floor. But how much are you really aware of how they work — and why are they so costly?
1. They WISH you ASK for their assistance.

Many times, brides and wives assume that for family photographs, photographers only need 15 minutes. But the family photos could take 30 minutes easily, because there is always a family member missing.

2. As every wedding is unique, you need to find a wedding photographer who is perfect for you — and you need to ask about experience. It also helps you to understand why, instead of someone who just dables in photography, you hire a professional wedding photographer for your great journey.

Sure, wedding photographers may charge for what looks like eight hours of work a few thousand dollars. But also many times before the wedding, they met you. And you know how often you have emailed? The editing process is then there. These photographers worked much longer than you had ever thought. Furthermore, the camera device was not free (and every couple of years it needs upgrading).

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4. Your CHEMISTERY is being watched.

When the couple sees one another at their wedding they immediately relax, it's a sign they're going to last.I shoot 20 to 30 weddings a year and I can tell when some couple have really good chemistry,

Going from table to table to stop your dinner and take a picture is the worst thing you can do to shoot a wedding.
6. Where is the time to go? Everybody's taking photos at weddings nowadays, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for the bride and groom to compete. However, they failed in their work when wedding photographer did not get these key shots. So see them when the cameras are up, not the phones. Look at them.