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Why Wedding Photographers Won’t Give you Unedited Photos

There are some may questions and thoughts you might hear about wedding photography, "why does wedding photography cost so much? "They're only taking pictures,' 'Why can't I have all of them? I want just a few photos during the ceremony? ’.

You have to realize what you pay for with wedding photography, but most importantly the meaning is to be appreciated. It is important, first of all, to understand, why you hire a wedding photographer first, before we look at the reasons a photographer won't give you all those photos.

We are all extremely interested and have several articles about this, including 5 reasons why a professional wedding photographer should be hired. Nonetheless, it captures your day, it captures moments you might not have seen, it captures feelings on your parents 'faces.

He took the lovely little smile you've made when you walk through the alley and see your friend, it's about having you and your wedding sisters ready with you on your wedding day. The argument is that the wedding photographer of a marriage does not only take photos, a wedding photographer tells a story.
You're not only hiring a wedding photographer to provide a service, sure, you'll be there all day to take pictures of a wedding photographer, but he is just a small part of what you are paying for. Why wouldn't my photographer send me all the photos? When they are done, the photographer can take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures over the day and edit the images.

Would you like your photographer just to print out and send all these images to you? Wedding photographers conceal nothing from you, but what they do is create a beautiful picture.

This could be said once again to a book that a photographer should be asked to send a memory card, USB or DVD with raw images would be equivalent to asking the author, unedited, unformatted with a manuscript format for you to present their book and to include paragraphs and chapters that have not made the cut.
So many pictures will a photographer take for your wedding?

You can take a range of pictures for your wedding photographer at any time, want 200 when walking the aisle. Many of them might have someone standing up in front of the camera. Some of them may have you and your dad closed eyes.

Would you like these pictures? Actually? It is only part of the process and the images must also be processed and changed to reach the correct color balance, some of them are also converted to black and white in order to look better.

You must pay your photographer, take the pictures, edit them, ensure that each shot is the finest, make sure that the color and exposure is perfectly sliced and balanced, to make every picture in your album sharp and as a set tells you a beautiful and romantic tale.

You pay to use the photographer's know-how and years of experience to make sure they do not just show a folder full of hundreds of images, but a single album of a beautiful past you can't wait to relive.

Remember, you're not just paying your wedding photographers to take pictures, you're hiring them for taking them, you are hiring them and sharing a story.
How don't my photographer supply RAW files?

There are several common questions when it comes to photography which emerge a bit, can I have the unpublished images and can I have the raw files? We have identical responses to both questions, firstly why you want them and secondly why you don't send unpublished images or raw data.
What's RAW Data first of all?

RAW is a file format which is used by a camera sensor, image scanner or motion scanner to safeguard the image data of all photographs. Since it is unprocessed, it is not ready for printing. It is called RAW. It is extremely important to understand the RAW file features in order to generate high-resolution images.

I am sure that your phone has a camera on it, and that you may also have a small, lightweight digital camera, if you take a picture with it and create a JPEG file to save your image. This is beautiful to compact the file and photo, eliminating redundant image data (information which the user does not necessarily understand) to help minimize the file's size. The file is compressed selectively. You have games, music, emails, texts and images on your mobile phone. They take up room, so here you can save space by using these tiny files to make images more accessible. Now it's perfect for the average person to take pictures.

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You will use a high-speed SLR camera to catch some of these photographs, but there are huge advantages for shooting in Line, so it is advantageous for you as the client so person to obtain these pictures. So you'll not have a camera phone to catch somebody's marriage.
Which are the advantages of your RAW photography?

High-quality image resolution – RAW file format allows the right to fix issue images before trials and high-quality images. This means that you can monitor such essential elements as color space and the right color balance while shooting.

Efficient workflow – RAW file format is very useful for the processing of large batches of photographs, combined with advanced photo programs like Open and HERE.

Better printing – the RAW file size will produce the best print because of the finer color hue and sound.

Editing mode non-destructive – It is possible to change the RAW file without messing with or modifying the original file. This means you can reset the changes and save them again without being afraid to ruin the picture. This is contrary to JPEG files that lose quality every time they are saved when it is compressed.

Information – RAW shooting makes the noise and sharpening algorithms in programs like Lightroom easier to access than the ones in your camera. This means that you can use the next technology to save RAW file improvements.

Flexible White Balance Adjustment – Adjustment of the White Balance is easily accomplished with a RAW file format capability for additional data. Perfect coloration and excellent balance are important ingredients for a magnificent image. The mix comes with a RAW format, which makes it possible to change the images easily and quickly with massive results.

Best exposure – photographs may often go underexposed or be done too long before the final print is delivered to the user. Without interfering with the image, the RAW file format allows the correction and editing possible. Around the same time, cut shadows and blown highlights can be restored.

The higher the sun, the higher the quality of the pictures taken. Excellent brightness levels. The highest levels of light compared to JPEG files are documented in RAW file format.
What's the thing all about?

You may have read through the last bit and wondered what all of this meant and why you need to know. The argument is that you don't have to know or understand what this means but what you do need to understand is that taking the picture is a step in a longer process when you take a photograph.

You will take a screenshot, you can adjust brightness and can click on a screenshot, add a filter, change the contrast, and then upload. You will then be able to upload a image to Instagram on your phone. The photo that you upload can be very different from your image. Why have you changed that? You wanted the picture to look better, the picture to match your other Instagram images.

And what was this all about? When a wedding photographer shooting raw will make a lot of complicated photo adjustments to make them look at their best, they can do that through qualified software that corrects items in the picture as underexposing them to the sky.

It is also important to remember that RAW files are massive, and while you have the files you can not just print the images out, special editing software is also required to open the files. Photography is undoubtedly more than the eye sees.
The raw files are like the first draft writer, the core story is there, but each chapter requires little adjusting, tweaking, bit elimination, little editing, and a little sparkling adding. Their raw files are a little bit like an author's first draft. You would like to read the first draft, which is not perfect and includes parts that are changed or omitted to enhance it or would you like to read the completed and revised version? The author would like you to read the full and incomplete edition.

A professional photograph doesn't want to send you the raw files because they're not the final images.