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How to take amazing wedding photos using your smart phone

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It can be difficult to decide whether to allow social media during your wedding. It may even have caused a wedding argument or two! However, whatever you decide, unless you go to Mariah and confiscate the phones of your guests when you arrive, you will have to accept that your guests will have pictures of you on their phones. Why not share this guide with them to make sure that the images that will appear on social media at some point are the best they can be? Smartphone retailer found that more than three quarters of guests like to take pictures at a wedding on their phones, and on average each guest captures 28 snapshots. We asked them for their best tips on how to take amazing smartphone wedding pictures.

Know your camera configuration

It makes sense to know your camera settings. Most people tend to leave their phone cameras in the default' auto' mode–which is perfectly functional, but means that you miss a lot of cool features that can improve your photography and give you pictures of higher quality. Do not be afraid to experiment with different modes and try them out in portrait, landscape and ISO. ISO (Industry Standards Organization) is definitely worth checking because the setting determines the sensitivity of your phone camera to light based on your current environment. Lower ISO numbers are better for brighter lighting and higher ISO numbers work best for light shots such as candlelight shots. If you want to take a picture on any device, when you compose your shot, it is important to think about your lighting. Photography is about how light is captured and reflected on the image. Before you take a picture, think about the source of your light and where it originates. Professional photographer Keith Cullen recommends: " Natural lighting always gives a better shot. Look for artificial lights or ways to reflect what natural light is. " Follow the guidance of professional photographers and use the' three rule' to create your shot. To do this, you must divide the photograph into a nine-section grid both horizontally and vertically and ensure that the subject of your photograph (e.g. the bride) is placed at intersection points on the squares and not entirely in the center of the frame (as this creates a more balanced shot). Most phones have a pre-installed grid setting and this can be activated in settings.

Clean Your Camera Lens

This is a super simple point but it makes a lot of difference – clean your lens before you start using your phone as a camera.

Give it a wipe with a lens-friendly cloth before you start snapping to remove dust and grease – you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes to the pictures you take.

Use Different Apps

Experiment with different photography apps to give your photos the perfect finish – you can add filters, tweak colors, play around with the sharpness and more to add more dimension and flair to the photos you take.

Don’t go too far though – you don’t want to over-edit your photographs and have them lose their original beauty. Wedding photographs should be timeless and some filters and effects can date your photos – avoid trends when it comes to your pictures and they’ll last a lifetime.




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