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39 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

The wedding season is almost upon us, and we're all preparing for our shootings. But have you ever wondered what makes a good wedding shoot a great one? Have you ever wondered what makes a great wedding photographer?

This is exactly what this post is all about!

As you know, wedding photography is one of the most demanding genres of photography. It's a serious job, and you're not going to get any second chances.

It takes months of hard preparation, precision organization, and amazing creativity. You've got to have all of these things to even get a chance to deliver stunning results.

You have to communicate regularly with the bride and groom to make sure you're going to be there on their big day. You need to make sure that you have all of your kit, including making sure that your camera and flash batteries are charged, that your lenses are clean, and that all your cards are clear.

What makes a great photographer, and what separates the good from the good?

You also need to make sure you know the location of the venue and other locations for shooting.

And all of these are just the basics.

So what makes a great wedding photographer and what separates the good from the great one?

Okay or not, but what makes a difference is what a photographer's experience can bring to a wedding. What makes a difference is creativity, courage, and the photographer's vision to bend, and sometimes break the rules.

What's great photography if no one can see it? Sure, having the best lenses and other kit helps, but let's face it, a beginner photographer with a Canon 50 mm f/1.2 lens or a Canon 35 mm f/1.4 lens doesn't bring out the best images. The photographer behind the lens is what matters.

Great wedding photographers have a unique style and method of delivering amazing stills. They also use the best technology to bring with them unique experiences.

He redefined photography using new technology. It takes a brave and confident photographer to cross borders and explore the world of photography technology.

So, how do you do the best?

They're keeping their secrets very close to them. But one of them just got out!

He is one of the first photographers in the world to combine new and unique technology with photography. He redefined photography using a new technology called enhanced automated image sharing.

Easily share the moment they're taken.

What's enhanced automated image sharing?

Enhanced automated image sharing is a new technology that can easily be used by photographers to share their photos with wedding guests (and other events) in real time.

It's not just how great your images are, it's the unique experience that you can give to your guests. He's bending and breaking all the 'rules' to deliver amazing experiences at his weddings and baptisms. It has a growing reputation for excellence and greatness in the mountains of central Romania.

It's really food for thought, but it takes an open minded photographer to really be a great photographer.

It's not just how great your images are, it's the unique experience that you can give to your guests. After all, at the end of the day, it's the bride and groom who decides to define a great image.

So you're curious to know more about enhanced automated image sharing and Marius' secret? Find out more about it right here.