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Long Island Photo Tips from Local Wedding Photographers

Find out what local photographers recommend for taking wedding photos on Long Island.

Congratulations on planning your Long Island wedding!

It’s no wonder this beautiful place is such as popular destination for weddings. Whether you want to get married barefoot on the beach or glammed up in a Jazz Age mansion, Long Island has it all.

That also means that taking wedding photos here is a unique experience. With so many locations to choose from, and so many styles to try out, Long Island can be intimidating for couples planning their big day. So we’ve rounded up our favorite tips for taking amazing Long Island wedding photos.

Ask your local wedding photographers for advice

Local wedding photographers aren’t just photo professionals, they’re Long Island professionals! This makes them a great resource for planning your big day.

Professional Long Island wedding photographers

can tell you all about places to avoid, photo locations you don’t know, how to take the best beach photos versus vineyard photos, ideas about style and poses, advice about photography timeline and photo permits, and more.

Before making plans for where, how, or when to take photos, ask your local wedding photographers for their advice.

How to get good wedding photos

Your wedding photographer is going to handle a lot of the details! But there are also many things you can do to prepare for your wedding photos and ensure your day goes smoothly.

1. How to pose for good wedding photos

Creating great photo poses depends on a lot of factors, including how many people are in the group, how comfortable you feel in front of the camera, the angle of the sun, or even how windy the day is.

Be willing to keep and open mind and try your photographer’s suggestions, especially if you have a large group to photograph. But do speak up if you have ideas or if something doesn’t feel natural or comfortable. You want to feel like the most special and relaxed version of yourself in your wedding photos!

2. Know your environment

Will you be strolling down a crowded main street? Going barefoot on the beach? Walking through a vineyard?

Knowing where you plan to take photos can help both you and your photographer prepare for a smooth photo session. From having the right shoes to being aware of crowd control and weather, if you keep your environment in mind, you’ll end the day with better wedding photos.

3. How to find the best photo spots on Long Island

One of the keys to taking great Long Island wedding photos is to carefully choose where you go. Traffic, travel time, light, and weather — not to mention creating photos unique to your special day! — can all impact whether a photo location is a good choice or not.

Work with your local wedding photographer before your wedding to create a list of photo locations, keeping in mind:

  1. Where your wedding and reception are
  2. How much travel time you’ll need to get from place to place
  3. Spots on Long Island are special to you
  4. How much time you have for your photos
  5. What time of day you’ll be doing your photoshoot
  6. What the weather will be like
  7. Whether you’ll need to change shoes or clothes, or redo hair and makeup
  8. Your personal style

4. How to take good photos at night

Whether you’re at a catering hall surrounded by gardens or a vineyard on the waterfront, most wedding venues on Long Island make for beautiful sunset photos.

But these evening photos are tricky to capture! Your wedding photographer will choose places with the right space, views, and light. You can help out by clearly communicating where and when you want to take photos and how you want them to look. This helps your photographer plan here and when to go, as well as how long you’ll need for the photoshoot.

Posing at night is different than posing during the day. Your photographer may ask you to hold poses for longer or stand in spots you don’t think of. If you choose a local photographer that you trust, you’ll get good sunset photos that capture the beauty and magic of your Long Island wedding.