Mansion at west sayville wedding phtoographer
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Mansion at west sayville wedding phtoographer

Long Island non-responsive wedding photographers

For so many aspects of a wedding there is a lot to handle and still so many questions arise along the way for all the various vendors. There are many different parts of a wedding. Unfortunately, you may have someone who really doesn't respond from time to time, which may unfortunately also happen with wedding clichés.
How to deal with a photographer unresponsive?

There are a variety of things to look at and consider before plunging into, as well as different scenarios.
If you hire a wedding photographer to get in contact with him and send him a few shortlists, the next move is to email him / her. In 24-48 hours, several photographers are going to contact you again depending on how long you send your post, note that you will sleep during the day until late and then you won't come back until the next day.

So what if not? But what if not? When you're not back there is a risk that your message is spammed, most photographers can now keep an eye on their spam folder for that very reason. But, if you just want to hear them and they don't come back then try and contact them quickly and make them understand that you've sent a message. It could be an honest mistake and you just didn't see your note.

You may want to think about ruling them out if you've messaged and called, but just don't hear. You can take the best wedding photos in the world, but if you don't trust them or feel like you're going to have to chase them, then you'll probably find it more hassle than it is worth worrying and anxiously, the closer you get to your big day.
You have hired a wedding cameraman and as the big day gets closer and closer you find your wedding videographer being less sensitive or is not getting back to you.

Every competent wedding photographer will get back with you within a couple of days, even if it is just an email that will let you know you have it. Yet alarm bells will ring after 1-2 weeks and no response.

Once again, there is a risk that it gets spammed, but I'm sure that it's less likely you have had email exchanges before then. And the easiest way to communicate via email is to call them, leave them a voicemail asking them to return to you within a certain time or day. It cause them to take action and to remember that they are expected to return to you by setting a timeline.

If you have learned nothing about your website via telephone or email then check your website daily, make sure it remains active, look at your social media pages and see the latest updates and posts. You will be notified next time you log on if you are active on Facebooking and then drop a message every your account.

Obviously if you may not hear something before your wedding, you may be disappointed and have started losing faith in them. But, if you don't hear something back then you might be irritated. The worst scenario is that the day doesn't come up.

You have to search for an alternate photographer and find out if they are available on the day, and create a Plan B if you decide that you do not want and proceed with your original wedding photographer.

You must give your photographer a letter by mail and e-mail informing them of your concerns and of the terms of the agreement you both signed.

Steps to take: Contact from another email address Try to call them to see if there have been recent messages, and then you will also get notifications. See your social media accounts.
If no response is still received, give them a letter Take a look at Plan B and see if they are on your date, contact other photographers.

If you have a special day and wait patiently for your images, do not expect them the next day, a few weeks will be expected before all your photographs are edited. You can do that. Because you have your images patiently. Check out our post – How long do it take to return your pictures of your wedding?

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When the photographer has been waiting for a couple of weeks and says they're ready for it, they may be busy, first ask for an update.

Now, if you hear nothing back, then re-read your contract, check and see how long it takes to get your pictures. Again, see if they are involved, social media channels or new reservations? You must know why your photos were not taken, because of a personal issue, or because something happened to the images.

Yet again, if no response is obtained then the final path to take legal action might be a legal letter from an attorney and the unfavorable judgments and suggestions that may be left behind. If you would like to leave negative feedback, wait until your case is settled and a result is reached.

The photographer has a personal and commercial interest in offering an description, justification for the delay and a guide to when you will receive them. It is just sound corporate practice and good support for customers. Nonetheless, without an response, legal action can be the only option, but no guarantee can be made and of course no one will have to pay any extra costs.