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Ask a New York Wedding Photographer: Creative NYC Photo Spots

New York wedding photographers have seen all the typical NYC photos. That’s why we’ve got a few creative ideas for wedding photos that are unique and personal!

New York City is one of the most photographed places in the world, and that can make taking wedding photos there a bit of a challenge.

After all, you’re wedding day is special and unique. You don’t want photos that look like every other New York City wedding out there! That’s what we’ve pulled together some of our favorite ideas for creative, unique New York City wedding photos.

Creative New York City wedding photo spots

1. Central Park

Central Park may not seem like a creative spot for your wedding photos… unless you stop trying to recreate every NYC wedding photo you’ve seen on Pinterest.

Instead of finding a secluded spot away from the crowds, embrace the busyness of Central Park. Invite strangers into your photos. Get out on a boat, climb a tree, lay in the grass, or dance to a street musician. Treat Central Park not like the backdrop for a moment out of time, but as the daily playground for the New York City you know and love. You’ll end up with unique photos and amazing memories both.

2. Your favorite local restaurant

Every New Yorker has a favorite restaurant, and they’re usually not of the big and fancy variety where wedding receptions take place. In fact, they’re more likely to be local hangouts, hold-in-the-walls, or even the food truck with the best pizza in your neighborhood.

Ask your New York wedding photographer to stop with you for a bite in your favorite spot — especially if you’re the sort of regular that the staff knows! Take a photo getting a drink at the bar or splittle a slice of pizza with your sweetheart. The restaurant workers and patrons will love it. You may even find yourself with a comped bill and a request for a copy of the photo!

3. Your first NYC apartment

Another thing every New Yorker has? A hilarious story about their first NYC apartment. Did you walk up five flights of stairs every day? Live in a broom cupboard? Have five roommates? Luck into a jewelbox studio that all your friends envied?

No matter what your experience was, take a moment on your wedding day to capture where you came from and where you’re going in one photo. Stop outside your first apartment to share a kiss with your partner — especially if they ever helped you haul furniture up and down those five flights of stairs!

4. Interactive street art

Want photos with something that absolutely unique to New York City, but don’t want to worry about crowds, lines, or having photos that look like everyone else?

New York has amazing street art, and a lot of it is available for climbing, sitting, hugging, and generally enjoying. Visit your local park, warf, or corner attraction and take a few photos with your favorite piece of street art. If you don’t have a favorite, ask your local New York wedding photographer. They’re certain to have a few photo-friendly spots to suggest.

5. One special spot

One of the most special things about being married is looking back on how you’ve changed together over the years — especially if you have a certain place that you can visit and revisit to mark those changes.

That’s why we love the idea of picking one special, mundane spot: a building with an interesting facade, a bench in a park, the street corner where you first met. Take a photo there on your wedding day. Then, every year that you can, revisit that location and take another photo in the same special spot.

The very ordinariness of the spot will highlight what’s truly special about those photos — you, the person you love, and the life you’re creating together.

Ask your New York wedding photographer

Need more ideas for where to take NYC wedding photos? Local wedding photographers know the best spots, including the landmarks you shouldn’t miss and the creative ways you can create photos as unique as the two of you.

If you’re stumped for ideas, ask your New York wedding photographer! The two of you can work together to come up with a list of locations and photos you don’t want to miss on your special day.