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Pros and cons of having a ‘first look’ photo shoot

Are you thinking of a first look? Long Island couples today are more inclined to see one another before their wedding ceremony – but whether it’s for you is a matter of personal preference. Here are the pros and cons of having a first look photo shoot.

Pro: You’ll get your wedding photos out of the way

While sunset wedding ceremonies are popular among couples, the timing of the ceremony (and the fact the sun sets) may leave your bridal party in the dark with no time for wedding photos. In this case, having a ‘first look’ may be necessary as otherwise, you may miss out on the golden hour.

A bonus about getting your wedding photos done before the ceremony is that you can immediately join the party and begin celebrating after your ceremony. Usually, the wedding party is off to various photography locations for their photo shoot while their guests wait around – sometimes for hours – for their return. With a first look and the wedding photo shoot out of the way, the newlyweds can jump straight into the party.

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Pro: The gorgeous photos it creates

First look photos are candid shots that display your love for one another in a natural way, better than any posed wedding photography. That special moment when you first see one another on your wedding day, and as it involves only the two of you, the moment is not overshadowed or interupted by wedding guests.

Con: Will it be awkward?

Not every couple likes the drama and surprise of a ‘first look’. While we’ve all seen the beautiful first look photos of the groom crying when he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress, not every couple is comfortable with such intimate moments to be shared with other people. This means the first look may be a little awkward, and almost feel forced.

Pro: Pre-wedding nerves are gone

Weddings are generally very stressful for the couple. For some, seeing one another before the ceremony begins is enough to calm all pre-wedding nerves and relax for the celebration ahead.

Con: Ruins the surprise

A ‘first look’ can ‘ruin the surprise’ of when the bride first walks down the altar. After a ‘first look’, the groom will have already seen his bride, so the moment she walks down the aisle might not be as emotional as expected. Plus – it may take away many guests’ favorite part of any wedding: seeing the groom’s face when his future wife walks in! What is more important to you?

Pro: It’s not traditional

Today's couples are straying more and more from outdated wedding traditions. For some, seeing each other before the wedding ceremony just ‘goes’ with the tone of their non-traditional wedding.

Con: It’s not traditional

As discussed above, some couples choose to have a ‘first look’ because it goes against tradition. On the other side, some couples would see this as a con . Traditional weddings are still extremely popular in the wedding world, and the idea of the groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle is here to stay.