Lighthouse Photography

ARGYLE PARK is Located in the middle of the beautiful village of Babylon. It is a perfect spot for a romantic wedding photos . It lies just south of the Long Island Railroad on the South Shore.

This picture-perfect spot is centered around Argyle Lake, a man-made feature formed by a dam across the Carll’s River. And if you read the word “dam” and pictured a utilitarian wall of cement… well, we’re happy to let you know that Argyle is no such thing! The dam is a beautiful structure made of landscaped terraces, elegant marble balustrades, steps that take you to the water’s edge, and tumbling cascades that splash into the lake below.

The lake itself is surrounded by gardens and tree-lined walkways, perfect for strolling with your sweetheart. Beyond, you can see the charming Babylon Village. Here, Victorian lampposts still line the streets, and many of the shops and houses are restored historical buildings. The whole space has an air of vintage charm, as if it still hovers between the modern world and the glamour of the Gilded Age.

Argyle is perfect for engagement shoots and wedding pictures, in the middle of summer or with snow on the ground.

Argyle Park

Babylon, NY 11702

Phone: 518.402.8000