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While we are devotees of all the beautiful spots on Long Island, there are a few other lovely locations that we love to visit when couples tempt us away from our home territory. And one of these is the amazing Public Gardens in the heart of the city of Boston.

The picture-perfect spot is full of both beauty and history. The Boston Public Garden was designed and created in 1837 by philanthropist Horace Gray as the first public garden in the United States. The Victorian Era was one of the first to truly celebrate gardeners as artists, and the stately design of the Public Garden reflected that with vast displays of flowers and imported, exotic trees. Today, the tradition of Victorian gardening lives on, making the Public Garden one of the loveliest places for an engagement shoot on the East Coast.

There are so many beautiful spots to visit here. The Lagoon and the Frog Pond are pretty no matter the time of year that you visit, whether gleaming in the sunlight or sparkling with ice. And if you’re feeling a little playful, there are the Swan Boats, which have been a Public Garden attraction for over 100 years. Dozens of paths meander through the flower beds and tree-lined avenues, taking the two of you on your own private, romantic adventure. And just outside the garden wait the busy downtown streets of old Boston, paved with cobblestones and lined with historic brownstones.

Filled with the perfect combination of colonial charm and Victorian elegance, the Boston Public Garden is the perfect backdrop to some of the most special photos of your life.

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Boston Public Garden

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