Lighthouse Photography

Islip Grange Park is hidden away in Sayville on Long Island’s South Shore. It's one of the most adorable and most unique spots we’ve ever found for photo shoots. If you want wedding or engagement photos that are truly special and truly meaningful to you, you’ll love what you find at Islip Grange.

Founded in 1974, Islip Grange was created to house some of Sayville’s historic buildings and show visitors what life would have looked like in the nineteenth century. Though the buildings are all historic landmarks, there’s nothing run-down about them. They’ve been beautifully maintained and have a old-fashioned elegance that is enchanting to explore. You’ll love wandering through, finding all the prettiest spots to stop and enjoying a peek back through time.

There’s the old mill, which was built in 1895 by Sayville’s Powell family and still turns in the breeze. The beautiful gazebo is the perfect place for a romantic kiss, while the warm wood fronts of the Ockers Barn and carriage house provide a lovely backdrop for a few casual, candid photos. In the spring, the whole area is surrounded by flowering trees and rolling green lawns. In winter, the shingles of the buildings are covered in sparkling ice. Regardless of the season it's a beautiful location for your wedding photography.

Islip Grange Park

10 Broadway Avenue

Sayville, New York 11782

Phone: 631.472.7016