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Perched on the edge of Montauk Point, at the farthest end of Long Island, sits the Montauk Lighthouse. It's a gem of a spot that is perfect for a romantic wedding photos. There are so many reasons to come here. The scenic view, the historic significance, the mix of wild nature and nautical charm. But the best reason of all is the beauty that surrounds you with every step.

The Montauk Lighthouse has a long history behind it. The first lighthouse built in New York State, it was commissioned by George Washington and the Second Congress in 1792. Construction was completed in 1796. Ever since then, it has watched over the shores of New York. In 2012 it was designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of the role it has played in the life and history of Long Island.

Now, it can be the setting for your own historical moment, preserved forever in your perfect wedding photos. You can go wandering among wild dunes and crags of Montauk Point, with the Lighthouse rising up behind you, the only sign of civilization all around, while the sea stretches out beyond. Or perhaps you prefer to experience the sweet, old-fashioned charm of the Lighthouse up close, resting against the sun-warmed bricks or climbing the 137 steps to the top. Either way, if you love the natural and historic beauty Long Island, the Montauk Lighthouse is the perfect place to come commemorate such a special moment in your life.

Montauk Lighthouse is one of the most romantic places for a Long Island wedding.

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Montauk Lighthouse

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