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For local coziness and Long Island charm, there really is no better place to go than Port Jefferson Village.

Port Jeff, as it is known to locals, is part of the Town of Brookhaven on the North Shore of Long Island.

And it’s one of the prettiest, sweetest spots around.

Port Jeff has been busy a busy port town since the 1800s, when it played a vital role in the Long Island shipping industry.

Since then, though, it has mellowed a little, becoming one of the most popular harborfront destinations for Long Island locals and tourists alike.

Port Jefferson is full of things to love. When you walk down Main Street towards the harbor, the streets are lined with old brick buildings surrounded by white fences and benches surrounded by flowers.

Tiny gardens are tucked into nooks between the houses and shops -- the perfect setting for two lovebirds walking hand in hand.

Down on the water is the Port Jefferson Marina, where you can take a romantic stroll along the pier.

It’s a spot that’s equally pretty in bright sunlight or fog and rain. If you want to escape from the crowds, we can wander down to the beach, where we may be just in time to catch a few photos with the sun setting over the water.

No matter where you go, you’ll find that Port Jefferson is full of all the old fashioned charm you could want - the perfect setting for your perfect wedding photos!

Port Jefferson Village

Port Jefferson, New York 11777