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Vanderbilt Mansion -- yes, those Vanderbilts -- are as close to American royalty as it comes.

Wealthy, powerful, and famous, they helped shape the country as it made its way through the Gilded Age and into the 20th century.

And now, you can spend a beautiful, romantic evening feeling like you’re one of them at the Vanderbilt Mansion.

You’ll have the most beautiful wedding photos to remember to experience.

The Vanderbilt Mansion, once known as “Eagle’s Nest,” sits above the Northport Bay.

Built between 1910 and 1936 by the same architects who designed Grand Central Terminal in New York City, it was the summer home of William K. Vanderbilt II.

Here, he and his family traded the heat and bustle of New York City for the beautiful Gold Coast, throwing gorgeous parties in their 24-room mansion and the 43 acres of grounds that surrounded it.

Today, that Jazz Age glamour is still there, waiting for you, with so many gorgeous spots to visit that you won’t know where to stop.

There’s the formal garden, complete with boxwood hedges and splashing fountain, surrounded by stone terraces.

Or perhaps we’ll visit the clocktower, presiding over the flagged courtyard and reached by a flight of steps edges in intricate ironwork.

And of course the house itself, a gorgeous cross between a Tuscan villa and a French chateau, with marbled passageways, sweeping staircases, and balconies at nearly every window.

No matter where we go here, you’ll feel as though you’ve wandered into the middle of the most elegant era in Long Island history - a dreamy spot for a Long Island wedding!

Vanderbilt Mansion

180 Little Neck Road

Centerport, New York 11721

Phone: 631.854.5579