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The Green Building

There is something unbelievably beautiful about the raw, unfinished spaces that make up The Green Building.

It’s a place that doesn’t try to hide its industrial roots; instead, it embraces them.

The result is all the more lovely because of it.

The Green Building is located on Union Street in the middle of Brooklyn.

Don’t let its city location fool you into thinking it’ll feel cramped. This former brass foundry has over 6,000 feet of indoor and outdoor space available, including a courtyard strung with twinkle lights, a bar and lounge, and the main space, a 4,000 industrial-chic area that can be customized for any wedding.

The unpolished edges of the main space are still visible in exposed brick walls, cement floors, and the unhidden pipes that hang from the beautiful wood ceiling.

The space’s fancier touches are layered right on top: sparkling chandeliers, beautifully set tables, floor-to-ceiling drapes around the windows.

The contrast between casual and formal is stunning.

It will give your ceremony and reception an effortless elegance and exuberant playfulness that will make you wish the night would never end.

If you step outside, the busy street and bright lights of Brooklyn spread out in front of your.

From there, it’s only a short stroll down to the river.

By the river you can escape from the crowds for a little one on one time with your sweetheart.

Imagine just the two of you with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline rising in the background, and beautiful memories forever preserved in a perfect photos.

The Green Building

452 Union Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231
Phone: 718.522.3363